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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Aswang Attack in South Cotabato

I found this old police report from SunStar Davao, dated September 25, 2004: Boy survives 'aswang' attack

Only in the Philippines will you find reports about aswang and manananggal flying in the city end up in legit broadsheets. In other countries, reports of "bat-people" and "possessed people" usually end up in tabloids.

Tata Porras, 16, of Barangay Cabuling in Tantangan, claimed his 14-year-old brother Michael was attacked by an aswang, which he claimed was disguised as a big black dog with red, glowering eyes.

"Aswang talaga ang nakita ko," Tata said, adding that the big black dog about three feet-high was about to bite the neck of his younger brother when he saw it.

"Nang kakagatin na niya ang kapatid ko, kinuha ko kaagad ang nakatago naming single shot na baril at binaril ko ang aswang (When I saw the 'aswang' about to bite my younger brother, I grabbed our single shot rifle and I shoot the 'aswang')," Tata said.

He said the "aswang" fled and was lost in the dark.

Read the complete report:

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