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Thursday, September 13, 2007

TRESE 7: Embrace of the Unwanted


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At the lowest basement of the MagnaMall, the mangled body of a woman is found. The trail of blood brings Alexandra Trese face-to-face with what was once thought to be an urban legend. When all is finally revealed, midnight madness at the mall will never be the same.

Story by Budjette Tan
Art by Kajo Baldisimo

Click here to read TRESE Case#8: The Association Dues of Livewell Village:


Tuesday, September 11, 2007


For this special online edition of 13 Letters Down, we did a very quick Q&A with Kajo Baldisimo, artist and co-creator of TRESE.

What comic books are you reading now? What was the last comic book /graphic novel you read that you really liked?
I keep re-reading WATCHMEN (ang aking paborito) from time to time and I’m still in love with it. Pero, teka… if that’s not counted , uhm… the latest comicbook I’ve read na nakaka-aliw … Kiko Machine ni Manix.

Who are your favorite artists?
We’ll run out of paper if I put everyone kaya siguro yung top 5 lang: Jim Lee, Nestor Redondo, Fernando Amorsolo, Alex Nino, Mar Santana, Alex Ross… saka Hal Santiago.

Why the change in art style in this issue? What inspired this?
I’ve been experimenting since issue 1, looking for that definitive TRESE look. I want something gritty yet clean (an’labo no?). I think I’ve hit it with issue 7. This is the same style I used dun sa Trese pinup sa Ish 1. I will be re-drawing Trese 1-6 after I’m done with Trese 13.

Who was your basis for Alexandra Trese?

Part girlfriend ko (Hi Divine!). Part Major Kusanagi. Part Maja Salvador. Part KaJO Baldisimo. Hindi ko pa po napapanood ang Underworld nung ginawa ko yung Trese 1 (actually, hanggang ngayon) so hindi po based kay Kate Beckinsale si Alexandra.

Who’s your basis for the Kambal?

The Kambal’s design is loosely inspired by those Matrix mumus. And their maskara is based on a Mananggal mask I made for the story ‘The Last Datu’.

What ever happened to NWA? Will you ever finish that story?
I’m writing Sopas’, Panic’s and Gagam’s stories everyday. But I won’t draw them ‘til TRESE is done, so sorry po sa mga mambabasa ng NWA.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Something Stirs in the Darkness

Greetings to all the new visitors of the TRESE site.

If you're stumbling around in the dark, just take a look at the links on the right-hand side of the site and it will lead you to the different cases Alexandra Trese has already dealt with.

I'd like to say hello to all the people who keep coming back hoping to see something new.

I just wanted to tell everyone that things will get busy in the site very, very soon.

So, please do click back here next week and we hope you like what you see. And please do email us or leave a note over here and tell us what you like (and don’t like).

I notice a lot of people from the local advertising industry visit this page. There are also some people from Iceland, France and the United States who drop by once in awhile. Hope to hear from you soon, especially after all the new things you’ll find here next week.

trese_komix (@) yahoo (dot) com