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Friday, October 26, 2012


Hi! If you found this page because you were searching for TRESE ISYU 5, learn more about it at:


In a city where the aswang control everything that is illegal and where ancient gods seek to control everything else, enforcing the law can be a very difficult task. 

 When crime takes a turn for the weird, the police normally call Alexandra Trese. Lately, it seems like others have been taking that call. 

A mysterious racer has been breaking the speed limit, running after and capturing criminals. 
A masked giant has been demolishing drug dens and breaking up gangs. 

 Trese must confront these supernatural crime-fighters and bring order back to the city, before the underworld attempts to seek balance in its own way. 

Budjette Tan and KaJo Baldisimo 
Winners of the Philippine National Book Awards for Best Graphic Literature 

Trese Book 5 is now available in all bookstores. To make sure your favorite book store orders copies, please go to their Customer Service Counter and place an order for the book. Give the following information found below. Give them your contact info/telephone number and they'll call you when your order arrives. Thank you very much for all the support!

TRESE: Midnight Tribunal
By: Budjette Tan and KaJo Baldisimo
ISBN:  971-05451-8-3
B and W Graphic Novel
SRP: P150.00


esiuol17 said...

Sa wakas! Hehe. Kelan po to magiging available sa National Bookstore? Hinanap ko ksi sa website nila kaso wala pa... :)

Unknown said...

GOT MINE TODAY! Wooohooo! At galit na sa akin ang mga kaibigan ko dahil pinagkalat ko sa Facebook na nakuha ko na sa Komikon at sila magiintay pang lumabas sa bookstore. Wonderful book! So excited for the next!

Alam ko kakalabas lang excited na ako sa next pero kasalanan mo yan, ganyan ginawa mong storya e.
Love your work!

Budjette said...


Hi all! I'm opening up this comments page for people who've already read TRESE 5: MIDNIGHT TRIBUNAL.

Here, you can talk about what you liked about the book and you can talk about what you didn't like about it.

Feel free to mention specific details about the story and characters.

So, until the book gets nationwide distribution, this should be the only place where you can mention spoilers about the story. Okay?



Let's hear what you really want to say about the book!


Camy said...

Maliksi and Trese.

I ship them.

That is all.

Love the latest issue Budjette. Congrats to you and Kajo! It was nice seeing you both yesterday. :D

- camy

Unknown said...

I am actually more than satisfied with your latest volume of TRESE. It's nice to know that aside from the cases that Trese handles (one-shots), there is a story that is brewing and it gave me the feeling that it's going to get more complicated than ever. Compared It really left me hanging more when I read the word END and in my head "For now..." ...

As each volume goes out, Kajo's art style improves as the details of each character and surrounding are more pronounced. From the usual heavy dark lines, I can see the soft details more in this volume compared to others.

In short, I can't wait for the next volume. I want to know if other beings like Bagyon Lektro will come up in the next volume or if the Tikbalangs would sway from their agreement or if the 'Madame' is really the head honcho or working for someone (I doubt Talagbusao)...I may never know 'for now' til I see the next volume. And I'm patient enough to wait for it since I know it would be better.

Tailc said...

Amazing, amazing fifth issue! Still hung over it and craving for more. Love the addition of the Madame to the comic. Glad that you guys gave Trese a real story to get into, instead of involving her in the usual isolated detective cases.

Found the Maliksi and Trese parts fun to read as well. I'd love to know what's going to develop between the two, haha.

When's the sixth issue coming out? :D

dsfds said...

Ganda po ng latest nyu! Parang magiging madugo ang laban sa 6 ah.

Kaye said...

Favorite part:

Kambals where asking if they could get motor bikes and Trese said NO. Their faces.... :))))))

Inky DeeCee said...

Trese never disappoints. And while it presents a neat look at extrajudicial killings (which is still prevalent in the current administration) in the country and at the power that the seemingly outdated political personalities still holds over our people, the 'Midnight Tribunal' are full of promises -- of a possible romance, of more instances of the Trese siblings helping each other, and of more trouble brewing. Book 5 will definitely leave you longing for Book 6, but of course you'll have to wait. Welcome to the club. :)

Martin Jimenez said...

Great work as always on Trese specially with this latest book!! :D If ever, there's just one little nitpick I have if ever for the book.


The 3 lawyers (who supposedly used the scales of Datu Runggan) and became the "Judges".

I can see that the 3 were supposedly 3 actors who are currently in government (or atleast works in some government agency) that is linked to Captain Barbell (which was the inspiration for the "Judges")

Here's the 3 lawyers and their supposed real-life counterparts (if I got them correctly)

- Herbert Gomez = Richard Gomez
- Richard Bautista = Herbert Bautista
- Eddie Manzano = Edu Manzano

Among them, 2 of them actually are related to the Captain Barbell series (as far as I can remember), and they are:

- Herbert Bautista (played Teng in the 1986 version of Captain Barbell)
- Edu Manzano (played Captain Barbell in the 1986 version of Captain Barbell)

What didn't fit was Richard Gomez. I understand that you guys wanted an artista that's in government that has atleast played the role. If so, you could've used Senator Bong Revilla instead. He played the role of Captain Barbell alongside Ogie Alcasid in the 2003 version of Captain Barbell. That's just my little nitpicking, as I just felt Gomez was off for the part, but overall the story was a great tribute for the legendary pinoy hero by Ravelo. :)

Budjette said...

Hi Dio!

Wow! Thanks for pointing that out. Goes to show what happens when the author doesn't fact-check/back-check his sources.

You're right, I should've either used Bong Revilla or Richard Gutierrez.

I think I ended up using Richard Gomez because he started in a movie called Super Islaw, which made me think that it was a Captain Barbell movie.

My mistake :)

But did you notice our tribute to the one of the first actors to portray Captain Barbell? :)


Martin Jimenez said...


You mean Mang Enteng Fernandez? Or should I say Dolphy? :) The taho cans was a dead giveaway, along with his drawing when he got older. XD Those were a really good touch really and made me feel they all fit in to the tribute to Captain Barbell. It definitely gave me a huge smile on my face on that moment when it all came together. :D Anyway, great tribute as always and can't wait for book 6!! :D

- Martin Jimenez

blinking quill said...

Kambal's favorite word: gago. haha

mojacko said...

loved it! all along akala ko richard gomez was a red herring para di lang namin ma-gets agad ang connection ng 3 lawyers, parang substitute for richard gutierrez. reminded me of how my mind was blown with the darna tribute.
and nice tip of the hat to dolphy.
and scales of justice and barbell? clever!
oooh the madame character is great! i didn't know where you where going with this and i am immensely satisfied!
gusto ko pakita kay imeldific ang legacy nya!

wolfman said...

can i just say i loved the (kuyog) part? HAHAHA it screams lito lapid all the way. and the charm of the iron butterfly, the madame, people say it's really irresistible. and finally the costume of the judges! i looked closer and saw the CB on their costumes. awesome job you guys! cant believe it's been a year since you last released something. more power sirs!

Erwin Rafael said...

Hi, Budjette. Natuwa ako na ang kuya ni Alexandra Trese ay natuturo sa department namin sa Sociology sa UP Diliman. Hehehe. Just a minor correction though. Sociology and Anthropology are in separate departments in UP Diliman. Sa Ateneo ang merong Department of Sociology and Anthropolgy na magkasama. Yun lang naman. isipin ko na lang na nagti-team teach na lang si Prof. Trese sa Anthro department ng UP. Hehehe

Budjette said...

Hi Erwin!

Thank you very much for that feedback!
Goes to show that I should never trust wikipedia! hahaha!


Linaly said...

Maganda na naibigay kay Trese yung "Scales of Datu Runggan". Possible na in the future it will be forged into an enchanted weapon/armor. Sana malapit na yung Book 6.

fictiomythos said...

since the war between Alexandra and "The Madame" is brewing, I'm just wondering, what if "The Madame" was a dyosa or a rival babaylan? Maliksi did say she's more enchanting than any engkanto he's ever known. And how will she fight her with only the twins, Maliksi, her brother, the scales of Datu Runggan against maybe her own allies? She may lose the support of the Tikbalang clan, the Lightning clan hates her, the Aswang and Manananggal clans are too chaotic, the dwarves and engkanta are not combat-worthy and she's running out of allies fast.

Can she have like a really powerful ally, like a son of Bathala, heir to his father's throne, exiled because of treachery and seeks redemption in helping Trese in her crusade? With the catch that he cannot kill, only disable or seal away enemies, and who maybe can be a love interest to Alexandra.

Or Alexandra's twin may become some kind of Deus Ex Machina to save her by appearing from the Sinag and taking corporeal form, or will try to take over her life and destiny

Just suggestions and theories.

Budjette said...

Hi Linaly & Fictiomythos :)

Thanks for the comments, ideas, and theories.

Me and Kajo are also exited to see what will happen in the next TRESE book!

Many thanks!


Dennis said...
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Dennis said...

galing ng book 5! can not wait for book 6! Nga pala, dahil 2013 ngayon, maganda sana na may malaking pangyayari sa kwento ni Alex at ng mga Trese. Pero kahit na wala, alam ko na magiging maganda ang book 6 paglabas

Mabuhay kayo Budjette at Kajo!

Linaly said...

Thanks for making a great book. Sana magkaron din ng anime or movie ang Trese soon. ^_^

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

The character are just getting better and better as well as the fight scenes! Great job in reinventing Manila and its old tales. It's really fun to see modern elements to the old stories I used to hear as a kid. I can't wait for the next one :) When will Basilio/ Happy's brother get a name?

Thank you :D

Unknown said...

finished 1-5, kelan lalabas ang 6???

Budjette said...

Hi Michelle!

Thanks for picking up all our books :)

We target to release Book 6 this year :)


Unknown said...

sana malapit na matapus yung trese 6!!!!!hehehe

Unknown said...

trese 6....kelan kaya?????
sana malapit na po :)

Unknown said...

Hello There!

Budjette and Kajo..

Isa na rin ako sa sumusubaybay ng Trese. (parang teleserye lang ang peg) Lol. At masasabi kong avid fan na rin ako ng mga gawa n’yo. Actually, wala sa hilig ko at trip ang pagbabasa, lalong lalo na ng komiks. Lately na lang ako sinipag mag basa kung kelan tumanda na. (hahaha..) pero sabi nga ng na meet ko na new friend sa Aklatan.. It’s never to late too read! At totoo naman.

Sinusuportahan ko talaga ang gawang pinoy katunayan nyan, sa mga unang libro na binili ko nung time na ginanahan na ako mag basa, eh puros Pilipino book Visprint , Summit Media and PSCOM ang usually na binabasa ko. (Sana may Free book ako matanggap sa pag endors ng publishing. (hekhek)

Anyway, hindi ko alam kung ano bang meron sa Trese na yan at napabili ako ng isang bagsakan. Lintik! Take note: Binili ko yung 5 series in 1 day kahit na out of the budget ang lola mo. Pero keribels lang.. kasi gusto ko talaga mabasa at malaman kung anu ba yang Trese na yan. Isa pa gusto ko din magkaroon ng kopya at naaastigan ako sa gawa, pati layout cover ang angas!

Sa ngayon wala pa ako kopya ng Diabolical pero pasasaan ba’t magkakaroon din ako ng kopya nyan.
Ang isa pa sa katotohanan eh, matatakutin ako. Kahit horror/thriller films hindi mo ako mayayayang manuod. Pwera na lang kung sa tanghali. (hihi..) Ang masama pa nito na dadala ko pa sa pag tulog ko.

Kaya nga natatawa at nagtataka din ako sa sarili ko, akalain nyo yun nagawa ko pa talaga magbasa ng komiks. Kahit na alam ko na matatakutin ako at babangungutin ako. Kahit na alam ko naman kung anong klase ng komiks yung binabasa ko. Eh, basa pa rin talaga ako. Kaya nga yung Trese 4 nyo! Medyo relate ako dun. Yung bangungot syndrome. Lol.

Iniisip ko na lang sana totoo si Trese.. Alam nyo yun baka sakali maligtas ako hehe.. Kitams! Nasosobrahan na ako. (Haha!)

Umaasa ako na hindi pa sa Trese 5 natatapos ang kwento. Marami pa ako gusto malaman at aabangan.
Kaya Sir mga idol..

Don’t keep me wait’n

Unknown said...

Isa lang ang masasabi ko.

Nakakaadik basahin yung series.
Makes me proud to be a pinoy!!

Sobrang excited na ako sa book 6 at sa mga future pinoy pop culture references nyo. hahahaha!!

the kambal is just too awesome.
pero ano ba talaga pangalan ni Kuya? Crispin ba talaga??

Unknown said...

sa una nakita ko po yung Trese nagandahan lang ako sa guhit..tapos binili ko Trese #1.. immediately after ko matapos gosh!! ang husay at eto pabili na po ako nung #5... question lang po.. may release date na po kaya ng Trese #6?? more power po sainyo! husay ng pinoy!

tin-tin of Antipolo

Unknown said...

saang store po meron pang book 4? kumpleto ko na ang book 1-3, at meron na din akong 5. book 4 na lang!

Unknown said...

kumpleto ko na po ang books 1-5, eagerly waiting for book 6. Congrats on the selection of the trese books as part of Deped's learning materials. ang galing!

Budjette said...

hi Roel!

Thank you very much! Hope your local bookstore gets copies of Book 6 soon :)