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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM (Batman/Wolverine/Trese)

Back in 2012, I needed to write a "warm up" story before diving into the next TRESE case. I wrote this fanfic story and told Kajo it was something we can do for fun. Batman and Wolverine are two of our favorite characters and we don't know if we'll ever get the chance to official do a story with these two guys. So, instead of waiting, we decided to make one for our own enjoyment.

I think the original script was just 10 or so pages, but Kajo added more of fight scenes and added the epilogue page, which I really love!

But because some many other things happened, Kajo was only able to finish all of the pages last year.

Yup, this is one of those things that just took seven years to make, but I think it was worth the wait.

Hope you guys like it as well!