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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

TRESE BOOK 7 progress bar

TRESE BOOK 7 progress bar : Good news! We’ve started work on Book 7! Not-so-great-news … ummmm… we just started to work on Book 7. Starting today, you’ll see exactly how much work we’ve done for the new Trese story because we’re going to upload it at and you’ll see a ONE NEW PANEL A DAY. Yup, that’s right! We’re uploading it one panel at a time.

I know. I know. That’s like watching a movie but only being allowed to watch one second of it for each day. So, if this slow “progress bar” is killing you, come back in … ohhhh, maybe 100 days, you’ll get to read the whole new case in one sitting. Or you can come back every couple of days and just see how far we’ve gone.

Why are we doing this? We’re not doing this torture you. We’re this to make sure that we (me and Kajo) get to do a bit of TRESE every day. Actually, Kajo already has two new scripts of TRESE, but I wrote it “Marvel style”, which means it’s a very rough outline of what happens in each page and not much dialogue. Kajo then sends me a new page every time he finishes the “pencils” of it, which I then take and write the copy for it. I send it back to Kajo, who then “inks” the page and puts in the captions and word balloons and then we upload it here every day… panel by panel.

So, sit back, relax (well, try), and enjoy! Should I ask Hank to pour you a drink? It’s going to be a bit of wait here at the TRESE BOOK 7 progress bar.

Many thanks for hanging around!