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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

TRESE Book 6 preview 1

Hi everyone! Let me read your mind and answer your questions!

Yes, TRESE Book 6: HIGH TIDE AT MIDNIGHT is delayed. We really thought we could finish it earlier, but we haven't. In fact, we're still working on it, as I write this.

TRESE Book 6 will not be ready by Summer Komikon.

It will be done when it gets done :-)
We'll give you updates when the book gets done and when it'll be available in book stores.

But wait! There's more!

Starting this today, every Wednesday (which is when new comic books are released), we will be uploading page from TRESE Book 6 here in the blog. And we'll keep uploading more pages until we get the book done. So, consider this blog as the "progress bar" of how we're doing with finish the story.

Thank you very much for waiting and all the encouragement for us to complete this new Trese tale.

Story by Budjete Tan
Art by Kajo Baldisimo


Zheirald said...

yey! a feature of the trese siblings... cool! can't wait to see what's up in his storyline. :)

Mariano said...


kurohiko said...

Trese's kuya!!! Omg, I will race to buy this as soon as it comes out!!!

jactinglim said...

Wow! (Onii-san! XD)I wanna buy the books already :D