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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Order TRESE at National Bookstore website


TRESE Book 1

TRESE Book 2

TRESE Book 3

National Bookstore's Delivery and Returns Policies
(allows local and international shipping of TRESE)

You can also order all the other titles from Visprint.
Just search by PUBLISHER and type in "Visprint"


Gabriela Rood said...

This is great news!!! I've been recommending Trese to friends & relatives abroad, but even when I've convinced them, it's a hassle to mail the books I can just tell them to order it, hehehe! :D

Also, I just saw Trese in the news! In the article "Sam an advocate of reading" ( ), Sam Concepcion was photographed reading Trese as part of NBDB's Get Caught Reading campaign! :D

Budjette said...

Hi Gabriela!

I do hope your friends and relatives will be happy with the delivery service of National Bookstore. I hope they order more copies :)

Oh wow! I just saw your link to Sam Conception holding a copy of TRESE. Thanks for sending this link!


~this is mee~ said...

Hi Mr. Budjette. :)
I fell in love with this book. It's so awesome.

Kelan po kayo ulit magkakaroon ng autograph signing? Pa sign po sana dun sa Trese comics that my friend bought for me..^_^

Thanks a lot.

Budjette said...

Hi Mr. Mee!

Me and Kajo will be at the May 26 SUMMER KOMIKON.

Hope you can join us for that event.

More details at :