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Monday, May 31, 2010

manananggal in the morning

I saw this picture on somebody's Plurk. It looked nice but also looked really fake. Somebody then posted it on Facebook and asked, "What would Trese do?" It's interesting how readers have started to quickly associate Trese with supernatural happenings and strange events. Some Trese-readers on Facebook would comment about how certain current events might have been caused by the Talagbusao, Bagyon Lektro, or by fire elementals. I find it amusing that when these unusual things happen, they immediately think, "This is a job for Trese!"

Anyway, going back to the picture above, I wonder why the photographer/photoshop artist decided to set it in the morning. Wouldn't it have been more realistic if it was shot at night? Or was this supposed to be a manananggal that partied too much last night and is just on her way home? Her lower half must be really pissed!

...which reminded me of the time we tried to fake a "supernatural scandal". Below are three videos we did to secretly promote the Neil Gaiman event at Subic back in 2007. I worked on these videos with Ian Sta. Maria and we were lucky enough to get Romeo Candido to direct them. Romeo was the director of the movie "Ang Pamana:The Inherittance"; the trailer of which you'll see at the end of this post. I believe the DVD of the movie is available locally and you have to watch it if you love stories about aswang, tikbalang, and ghosts.





1 comment:

Unknown said...

when there's something strange in the baranggay, who you gonna call?

Alexasandra Trese

*cue the rest of the ghostbusters theme song*