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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Preview pages of TRESE #3

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TRESE 3: Our Secret Constellation
Story by Budjette Tan
Art by Kajo Baldisimo

Click here to read the complete first issue of:
TRESE: At the Intersection of Balete and 13th Street


2ngaw said...

Wow! This looks good! Details in the right places! Can;t wait to get myself a copy of all 3.

Budjette said...


Thanks! I should be able to bring more copies of TRESE #3 to Comic Quest next week. (Sorry, busy workload for me right now.)

Rey said...

much more than the art, THE story rocks!!! Congrats.

Gerry Alanguilan said...

Any chance for a cameo in future issues? I'd love to be an eviscerated/massacred/mutilated/chop-chopped victim!!

Budjette said...

ahahahah! Didn't you make the same offer for WASTED before. David really wanted to be one of the victims of Eric. :)

Yes, Gerry, will put in you line and maybe you can be Victim #13.
Hey Rey!
Thanks! Glad you like TRESE :)

Anonymous said...

made my way here from the komikero's blog... and oh. my. gourd. this owns! this comic book rules! and you're selling it for 30 pesos! i love the art, i love the concept, and i can't wait for more. i have to ask though... where is this being sold? i haven't come across it yet.

Budjette said...

Hi Jorge,

I'm glad that your lurking around Gerry's site brought you here. :-)

So far, TRESE is only available in Comic Quest, Megamall. All three issues can be bought there.



Anonymous said...

lol, lurking is the perfect term ^_^ i'll make sure to visit comic quest then :)

Anonymous said...

ubos na ang trese #2 :( nabasa ko na pero gusto ko sana meron akong kopya.. may 2nd batch pb?