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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


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The best work yet from Alamat founder Tan, this moody mini-comic series starts out smart and gets even smarter. Investigator Alexandra Trese, holder of the supernatural secrets of the city as passed down from her grandfather, helps the local cops by tracking down the magical misdeeds with the help of her wickedly cool bodyguards, adroitly furnished by Baldisimo. The previous issues dealt with catchy ideas like tikbalang in a drag race, but this superlative issues, grisly murders lead to an unexpected interpretation of an iconic figure. (RUEL DE VERA, Sunday Inquirer Magazine, April 9, 2006)

Hey! Good komiks! (JESSICA ZAFRA)

Maganda yung art, better than the first two at mas okey yung covers. Gumaganda siya. Got a copy na, read it twice. Yeah, PLANETARYish, but still, pulled off the pinoy thing, expected it by mid-ish though. Still, nice short story. Thanks for giving me something to look forward to every month! (ADAM DAVID)

Ganda ng TRESE 3! As in! Nice ending! I’ll even read it again. Hehe! Good work, Budj!

Kakaiyak naman [ang TRESE 3] (MADEL PALMAN)

TRESE is a book that’s making me want to say, “Damn you, Budj! Why did you make us wait so long?” Panalo ang TRESE! Nakakaiyak ang 3rd isyu! Ilabas mo pa! (CARLO VERGARA)

I've now read all three available issues of Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo's TRESE and I've got to say it's gearing up to be one of the best comics we've seen in a long time. The third issue "Our Secret Constellation", brought me to tears. Fans of Pinoy Komiks will find much to appreciate in this issue. I'll say no more. A true classic in the making. Congrats to Budjette and Kajo! (GERRY ALANGUILAN)

[The third issue of TRESE] is a highlight particularly for long-time comic book fans, as it takes a familiar concept and, reminiscent of Warren Ellis’ science-fiction series Planetary, gives it a 180-degree spin. But the story is only half of what’s good about the book; Kajo, as the series artist, imbues the pages with an appropriately unsettling atmosphere, thanks to the rough, shadowy renderings of characters and settings that shift and stretch slightly in look and proportion across pages. (ELBERT OR)

In … "Our Secret Constellation", Alexandra Trese is hot on the trail of a mysterious killer with unearthly powers... perhaps even more power than the supernatural investigator and her formidable henchmen, the Kambal, can handle. I have to say, the idea and plot twist in this issue made me quietly go, "Whoa." A ballsy story and a great homage rolled into one. (MARCO DIMAANO )



hxero said...

clap... clap.. clap.. Really good story..

Rey said...
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Rey said...

wow... It didn't occur to me until the last three pages who the siblings are... and you constructed it so well that it didn't touched any copyright images or words. ganda ng storytelling mo budj... and it moves you without even noticing it. Tama ang ist comment: clap!clap! clap!!!

Makes me want to draw one of your forthcoming projects(seriously, meron ba?) :)

Budjette said...

hey rey,

so far, I'm just working on TRESE. i do have one or two short stories (20-pages long) lying around here somewhere.

How about a TRESE pin-up? :)


Rey said...

"How about a TRESE pin-up? :)"

Well I can do that... hehe. I will send you one of these days.

Tap me if you got one-shots. Or a TRESE variation one-shot other than what Mr. Baldisimo is doing. I guess it would be fun. hehe.

Anonymous said...

The ending made the hairs at the back of my neck stand up. Nakakakilabot! And that makes for a great read! Two thumbs up Budjette and KaJo!

jactinglim said...

Amazing how you keep outdoing yourself with each new issue ;)

curiouskitty said...

tang ina! anganda! :-) Angkulet! anglupet!

lengskididoodles said...

you'd been an inspiration guys!! marami pong salamat sa pagbabahagi nyo sa min ng 'trese'..

the 'kambal' rocks! ^_^

Unknown said...

WOW! Awesome. What a twist. Looking forward for more.

Seiyo said...

Wow! That was a great one! My favorite so far.

Laya said...

Oh, shit. That ending was GREAT!

Ngayon lang ako napaiyak ng komiks haha.

Keep up the good work!

Budjette said...


Sorry if we made you cry :)

Glad you liked it!

BOOK 3 is almost done!

Hope that makes you cry again


Daxi said...

the twist was great!!! kudos to bringing drama to darna..medyo nakaka-iyak nga..

- daxi