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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Download TRESE eBooks

UPDATE (October 2017) -- sorry, all the links these ebooks are not working now. Will update soon! Many thanks!

Hi all! If you've got friends abroad who'd like to start reading TRESE, please tell them that they can now download the first two cases from several sites. This was all made possible by our friends at FLIPREADS. Kajo made some new covers for the TRESE eBook edition. He also modified the artwork from these cases. You'll find the links to the eBooks under each cover. Please help spread the word on where they can download TRESE! Thanks!


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

How about placing your book on Comixology as well. A good friend of my gave me all the books for Christmas but I don't see how getting a digital copy again wouldn't hurt.

I'll be looking forward to the next book too. :d

Budjette said...

Hi Alex!

Yup! Our publisher is now in talks with Comixology and hopefully Trese will be made available there by next month :)

Many thanks for all the support!

Please do tell all your friends who love to download eBooks to try out TRESE!


Unknown said...

Cool beans, would love to add Trese to my Comixology account. :)

Reklamadora said...

Are you planning to make the rest of the issues available in e-book form? (Please?)

Budjette said...


Yup, ever so slowly, we are releasing the rest of the TRESE cases in eBook format :-)

Many thanks!