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Monday, November 21, 2011

Trese wins in 2011 Komikon Awards

Thank you very much for everyone who voted for us! Thank you very much to all our readers, to everyone's who's every drawn Trese-fan art and shared it with the world, to everyone's who's ever written a review about Trese, tweeted about us, or clicked LIKE on the Trese Facebook page. Thank you for all the support and love and magic!

Best Comic Creators Award : BUDJETTE TAN and KAJO BALDISIMO

Best Cover Award : TRESE: MASS MURDERS 


Kai said...

oh yeah congrats :D

Narj said...

congrats team Trese!

Anonymous said...


ram said...

the best!

Mariano said...

Congratulations, sir Budjette and Sir Kajo for winning the award! NOW GIVE US MORE TRESE COMICS!!! Please? Just kidding sirs.

Grace Co said...

Congratulations! I just recently found out about Trese and I'm hooked! (Can you believe Trese book 1 was actually used for our midterm exam!) More power to you guys!

Kikay said...

congrats mga sir!!!

peyborit ko po yung Mass Murders book... I browse it over and over again thinking I might have missed some details, its kinda surprising when you do find them!

More power po to both of you, and know that every time you publish a new TRESE book, you make one girl happier. (ayiii pasenti!)

kaJO said...

maraming salamat po sa inyong lahat who made it pasibol.

mabuhay you!