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Sunday, November 13, 2011


A teen-aged Trese unleashes three Santelmo towards some aswang or enkanto who will probably regret crossing paths with Alexndra.

"Santelmo" is the third Trese Night Gallery print by Kajo Baldisimo.

This will be made available at the 2011 Komikon, November 19, at the Bayanihan Center, Pioneer Street, Ortigas. More info at :

Take a look at the other Night Gallery Prints:




kurohiko said...

Santelmo is my favorite among Trese's comrades... second only to the Kambal. :3

...y-yes, makaka-pa-autograph na rin ako. ;v; See you po at Komikon! I'll be in the Indie Tiangge. >.<;;;

Kai said...

better tell my lil cousin about this I bet this would add his collection :D

Unknown said...

Santelmo is also my favorite. Last year I have realised that in Buenos Aires there is a neighborhood which is called San Telmo. And it is a very nice place to stay in Buenos Aires, because it is close to everithing. And you also have coffee shops. And it is cheap, is not so cheap to buy an apartment because if we think about the price of the Buenos Aires Real Estate, San Telmo is more convinient for rent an apartment if you are on vacations.