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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Neil Gaiman emails about TRESE

I was so happy to find out that TRESE 4 was on National's Bestseller List that I just had to send a Thank You note to Neil Gaiman, one of my big inspirations for Trese. His Sandman stories and his novel America Gods prompted me explore our own myth and folklore; made me also ask, "Where are the old gods of the Philippine islands hiding these days?"  

So, I sent him a message saying how our little comic book, that once sold only 50 copies, is now in the bestseller list of the country's biggest bookstore chain.

This morning, I found this message in my inbox:

So ridiculously proud of you! When I came out all those years ago for the first time, that was what I wanted to see happen... 

I feel like you and all the smart Filipino writers and artists out there are doing something really brave and powerful, making a whole new wave of Filipino art and story.

Well done!


So far, the week has been great! The year has been great! Feel so blessed and so lucky to have reached this far, to have reached this chapter of my ever-changing graphic novel. We have more stories to tell. I am so excited to tell you all these tales!


The last time Neil Gaiman was here, this is what he wrote on my copy of Sandman :-)


Eid. said...

Yehey! I'm so happy for you. I just got my copy of the 4th books. I am writing about it soon!

More power!

Unknown said...


Naomi said...

If that was me in your shoes, I could die happy right about now. But please don't do that yet! We want more of Trese! :)

Our heartfelt thanks to you and Kajo for keeping faith in your pet project the past years and staying true to your inner selves. With the kind of passion and hard work you guys have shown, you deserve your current success - and tenfold more!

Don Laczi said...

Would really love to get a copy of these books here in Vegas!

Well done, indeed! Cheers!

Don Laczi

CAZ said...

Just finished Book 3 last night and have Book 4 with me. Love it! Brilliant writing and awesome artwork.

Congrats Budjette and Kajo on having an ally in Neil Gaiman. Ya got it made Alexandra Trese and Kambal!

Katrina said...

Budjette, that is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!! Gotta go get Book 4 ASAP!

Katrina said...

Budjette, that is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!! Gotta go get Book 4 ASAP!

Ahn Belleza said...

Reading this nearly brought me to tears. No exaggeration!

You just don't know how much of a big fan girl of Trese I am. :) So proud of you both!