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Friday, February 11, 2011

THE FEAST (complete story)

click pages to see larger version, please

Story by Budjette Tan
Script by Alex Arellano and Budjette Tan
Art by Kajo Baldisimo
First appeared in UNO Magazine

This story was inspired by Neil Gaiman's Epicurian Club from the "Sunbird" story, by Luis Katigbak's review of the restaurant called Kagat, and by the many meals I've shared with Alex, Maricel, and Dino (Harrison's Top Foodies).

I actually asked Alex to help me out with the recipes and with the dialogue.

So, in case you do find some fresh manananggal in the market, here's how you can cook it...

Recipe for sisig na mananggal
Prepared by Alex Arellano

Step 1 – boiling
• 1 head ng manananggal.
• 1 kilo - liver of manananggal.
• 250 ml pineapple juice
• 3-4 cups water, should be enough to cover the pork pieces
• 1 tbsp salt
• pepper

Step 2 – grill and mince and mix
• 2 onions, finely chopped
• 1 tbsp lemon or kalamansi juice
• ¼ cup vinegar
• salt and pepper to taste
• 2 tbsp knorr seasoning
• optional sili – depends on how hot you like it

equipment needed:
griller, uling
sizzling plate or kawali /wok/pan

Step 1
• remove skull of manananggal, shave off hair.
• To remove remaining facial hair, eyebrows etc, pass a blow torch over the meat.
• Cut meat from head into smaller pieces.
• Put pork, liver, pineapple juice, water, 1 tbsp salt and pepper in pot. Bring to a boil. Let simmer for 1 to 1.5 hours.

Step 2
• Remove liver and meat and drain. discard the stock in the pot.
• Set aside liver.
• Grill meat pieces until skin becomes crispy.
• On a chopping board, using cleavers, mince pork and liver.
• Add onions, vinegar, lemon or kalamansi juice, knorr seasoning, salt and pepper to taste. Mix ingredients well.

Step 3
Get a hot plate and put over stove until plate is sizzling hot.
Add sisig, do not stir or mix. Allow a crispy crust to form. Serve.
(maybe the chef can just roast them while they’re in the skull and then take them out of the skull and serve them on the side with the sisig)


halfawakehaiku said...

Wicked. Loved the curveball.

Unknown said...

this is wickedly awesome.. :D

zan said...

Hi Sir Budjette!

As usual, loved the story and the artwork. :) I especially love the part when the pregnant wife became so bad ass :D

In relation to "foodie with a touch of horror" stories, try to look up "Excerpts from the Records of the New Zodiac and the Diaries of Henry Watson Fairfax" by Chet Williamson. It's featured in the horror anthology "999" by Al Sarrantonio (a really good read) :)

Looking forward to finally reading book 4! :D

Narj said...

The first 3 pages I thought was predictable...only to be surprised for the rest of the story. Nice one!

Unknown said...

Well, the story had a wicked twist like only Budjette can...I read Neil Gaiman's M for Magic and the "Sunbird" short its pretty cool to have a local similar story inspired by the book. Cheers! Cannot wait for Book 4... (^_^)

endless vagrant said...

amazing as always! Nice twist! 😍👍