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Sunday, June 20, 2010

how to replace copies of TRESE with faulty binding


We’ve been receiving feedback from readers that the copies of TRESE that they bought have faulty binding; that the pages fall off from the spine soon after they read it. We apologize that this has happened.

Here are two ways you can have your copies replaced:

Return the book to the bookstore where you bought it and have it exchanged for a new one. It would be best that you bring your receipt and that you get it exchanged within a week of purchase.

Go to the Visprint office and exchange your copy with a new one. Please bring your receipt as well. Email Visprint at book_inquiry @ visprint .net for more details.

(Obviously, if you’ve had that copy for several months and the pages have fallen off because it has been passed around to everyone in your household, your school or office, then we’d have to decline in giving you a new copy.)

Thank you very much! :-)

UPDATE: a message from Visprint
Our sincerest apologies to all our dear buyers who have received copies of "Trese 3: Mass Murders" and "12" (silent comics) with faulty binding. Rest assured we have already addressed this problem with our binding supplier.

You may have your copy replaced from the bookstore/comic shop you have purchased it from, just present your receipt. For those who have already lost their receipt or got the book as a gift, you may bring your faulty copy to the Visprint office during office hours (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm) and look for Ms. Ella. Please call ahead (8452703) or email us (book_inquiry @ to inform us of your sched so we may have your new copy ready.

Again, our apologies for the trouble this may have caused you.

* applies to other titles as well
** faulty copy refers ONLY to damaged books with printing error or faulty binding, and NOT due to misuse or wear-and-tear.
*** please do NOT advise us of your replacement sched through the comments section of this site. We will accomodate replacement requests only through phone calls and emails.

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