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Monday, November 16, 2009

far away, so close

The 2008 National Book Awards was held last Saturday night at the Ayala Museum.
TRESE: UNREPORTED MURDERS was the only nominee in its category.

We did not win.

We did not get the unanimous vote of the judges.

We did get to bring home some nifty certificates of recognition that say TRESE is the Finalist for the Best Book in Graphic Literature category.

Below: Kajo, my partner-in-crime; Nida, our publisher and willing accomplice; and me

We keep on writing.

We keep on drawing.

We try again next year.

thanks to Wella for the pictures and for being there


Unknown said...

so you were the only nominee and yet you didn't win? ooooookay...

congrats anyway!

love the tie mr.Tan!

kaJO said...

napakasarap sana'ng 'icing' ang award na ito...

oks lang! tuloy ang paggawa ng cake!:-)

congrats budj!

Wonder Hobbit said...

weird nang mga taga NBA commitee...thats like saying you're not worth it by not giving you an award kahit kayo lang ang nominee

*scratches head*

I tell yah...people are crazy...anyway...I love your book 3! I just bought it yesterday from NBS...and I looked like a crazed fan girl when I saw it on their shelves...

I have one question old are the Kambal anyway?