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Saturday, October 31, 2009

TRESE: Happy Halloween 2009

As of this writing TRESE: MASS MURDERS is now available in Comic Odyssey, Robinsons Galleria & Ermita, Powerbooks, and Pandayan Bookstores. It will be available in bookstores and other comic book shops by next week and will be available nationwide by the end of November.

While you wait for it to arrive in a store near you, here's a preview of the first chapter of the book.


TRESE: MASS MURDERS 15-page preview

More diabolical treats for you!

TRESE: The Devil's Playground

TRESE: Masquerade (preview pages)

More TRESE art from Kajo:


Unknown said...

I miss the book launch. Too bad. But I can't wait to get the new Trese book. I really love Trese!

tg-girl said...

is the book already out? i super love this series! aren't there any stories about kapres? hope this will be an animated series or something!

koAla Paredes said...

Good job, guys. My dad brought me a copy here in Sydney the other day. Read it last night.

You've put a great story together and you've really delved into your mythology, and of course, the art is fantastic which is no surprise because the Philippines has amazing comic book artists.

That being said, I'd buy the other books. Maybe when I go home to Manila in December. I'd like my Australian comic-nut friends to read it.

I hope to someday contribute to the Pinoy graphic novel pool. If I ever get good enough hehe.

Anyway, congrats on creating a series. I can get excited about.

-Ala Paredes

Unknown said...


I owe you a big thank you, since I bought your comic books I have finally gotten my youngest brother to read, and he has been waiting for Trese III to come out for months already! When would you have a book signing? My copies are tattered and frayed at the edges, but I still want them signed for my kid bro :)

Budjette said...

hey WEE!

We will be at Sputnik this Friday, Nov27.

details at ...

Hope to see you there!


Unknown said...

sige, sir, pupunta kami. magpapapirma po ulit ako.

I got the last copy of Book 3 sa NAtional Bookstore ng Sta. Lucia Mall. Pauwi na kami nun tas nakit ko yung book. Para bang tinawag ako.

Great work on the Kambal's back story.

Samahan nyo naman kami sa loob ng Puno ng Balete.

BTW, i got hold of Underpass the same day. love love.

Pero si Trese (and Daddy) love love love love!