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Friday, October 23, 2009

TRESE : Gone Rogue

While you're all patiently waiting for TRESE: MASS MURDERS and UNDERPASS to be delivered to a bookstore near you, might I direct your attention to the lady black.

In the month's issue of ROGUE (with the bewitching Ornusa Cadness on the cover) you will find a brand new, 6-page TRESE mystery.

Kajo was busy working on Book3 and The Clinic when we got this assignment, so I was lucky enough to track down and dig up Mark Torres from his underground lair and convinced him to do this story with him. Mark had done a Trese pin-up before and we collaborated on another horror story (which has yet to see print), so I thought I already knew what kind of pages to expect from him.

You can image how blown away I was when he started to email me these pages featuring his new art style.

Aside from the Trese story, the issue also feature six haunted spots in Manila, as well as more pictures of Ms.Cadness. The October issue of ROGUE is now available in bookstores and magazine shops everywhere.

Read the complete TRESE:MASQUERADE at

See more of Mark's art at:


Laya said...


This Trese thing... I am turning into a collector of all things Trese-related. LOL.

dino said...

Wow, this is awesome, Budj. Congratulations.

kaJO said...

Astig to Mr. Mark! Ganda!