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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

TRESE at the 2009 KOMIKON

During the 2005 Komikon, we launched the very first issue of TRESE. We sold that Xeroxed edition of TRESE: AT THE INTERSECTION OF BALETE AND 13TH STREET for P30.

Six hours after the gates of the Komikon had opened, we had already sold out all the copies of TRESE.

I excitedly texted family and friends that my comic book was sold out.

Great! Wonderful! Congrats! How many copies did you sell?, they all asked.

I replied : 50 copies!

In the recently concluded 2009 Komikon, we launched TRESE: MASS MURDERS.

Two hours after the gates had opened, we had already sold all the copies. I leaned over to Ella of Visprint to ask how many copies did they bring.

180 copies, she replied. That did not even include all the copies of TRESE Book1 & 2 that were sold.

So, if my 2009-version traveled back to talk to my 2005-version and told him we’d sell almost 1,000 copies in a single day, I would’ve probably told him he was insane!

Which would not have been surprising considering this whole TRESE experience started with an insane proposal from Kajo to do a monthly comic book.

I’m just more than happy that I was crazy enough to accept that challenge.

Another insane thing we experienced during the recent Komikon was soon after people bought the book, they started to text us about it. In just a couple of hours we were already getting reviews about the book. It was a strange, weird, and wonderful feeling to get such great feedback so quickly. People were already asking us when the fourth book is going to come out.

Actually, Kajo’s already bugging me to give me the script for Case #14. So, worry not, gentle reader, it might just all happen sooner than you think.

Before we get into all of that, we must say thanks to fantastic Team KOMIKON for putting together another successful event. (And thank God you finally decided to hold it in an airconditioned venue! Thank you very much!) Thanks to Nida and the Visprint crew for patiently waiting for us to finish the third TRESE book. Thanks to everyone who prepaid for the book and to everyone who bought the book (and multiple copies of it) at the event. We apologize to the ones whose names we misspelled (and forgot) as we signed your copies of the book.

Thank you very much! And let me just repeat what I said in the afterword of the book: that Book3 is definitely NOT the last Trese book. Believe me, we’ve got MORE stories to tell.

TRESE: MASS MURDERS should be in most Manila bookstores & comic book stores by first week of November and it should be in most stores nationwide by the end of November.

As always, if you can’t find copies of TRESE in your local bookstore, then just go to the Customer Service Desk and tell them to order you a copy. Give them the following info, so they can easily find the title in their system :

Published by Visprint
Authors: Budjette Tan & KaJo Baldisimo
ISBN: 971-94569-0-6

160-pages, black-and-white, P200

More about the other highlights of the Komikon in the coming days!


halozonac said...

I have been following this blog ever since I left the Philippines in May. By a complete stroke of luck, I attended the Komikon at UP Diliman a few days before I left back for the states, and I picked up the two copies of Trese because they were in English and looked interesting.

I became absolutely hooked. I love the mythology, the plot ideas, the mystery behind Trese and this dark portrayal of Manila. Reading Trese has helped me explore my own Filipina heritage.

I was wondering if it was possible at all to get a copy while here in the states. (Or maybe I should have someone hand carry it from the Philippines for me? haha) When I saw that you could preorder it and pick it up at the Mall of Asia, I almost called my friends in the Philippines to get me a copy (but at the same time didn't want to make them trek out that far, ha!)

At any rate, you have an adoring fan in the U.S., and I share the comic books with all my other Fil-Am friends. I look forward to more!

-Amanda A.-

kaJO said...

thanks amanda!

congrats budj! :-)

Heffer Wolfe said...

congrats to you both, too! it's reading blog posts like these that make our days, weeks, and months preparing for the next komikon. Ü

Astrid said...

I really really loved the third installment of Trese <3 congrats to both of you! Looking forward to more great stories. Philippine mythology just got more interesting.

Strangemanila said...

Congrats again! The 3rd installment was my fave so far. Gawa pa ng madami! :D

This Should Be Fun said...

Congrats! I wasn't able to attend the Komikon (work, work, work) but I was able to pre-order Trese 3. Excellent job!

And please please sell some Trese merch! :) I want the Kambal munnies!!!!

-eliza v.

blood on the mirror said...


I'll be looking forward for the next volume of Trese in the bookstores!

Mark Rosario said...

I love the connecting covers concept. That was really awesome. You got me with that one haha!