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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

down the other dark corridor: SKYWORLD Book2

The Universe was created in seven days.

It took Ian and Mervin two years to finish this corner of Skyworld. Let us all pray to Bathala that it doesn’t take them another two years to finish the third and last book of this epic tale.

I must emphasize that the creation of this tome required the summoning of god-like powers; wherein time was carved out of their impossibly busy workdays. Like heroes on some noble quest, there were days (and nights) when they had to forego sleep just to reach their destination.

And I must say, the two years was worth the wait. And let us all pray to Bathala that … oh wait, I already said that.

Of course, this issue holds a special place in my heart since this is the first time Trese and the Kambal crossed-over to another graphic novel.

As kids, we’d have a geekgasm whenever superheroes from different teams would team-up. And our heads would just explode when Marvel and DC finally started doing company-wide-cross-overs.

So, it was during one of those drunken moments when me, Ian, and Merv said, “Hey! Wouldn’t it be cool if Trese and the Kambal had a stand-off with Makabo and Kayo?! Hell, yeah!!!” (Yes, we are such geeks.)

Makes me wonder if this is how Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko felt when they made Spider-Man guest star in the Fantastic Four title.

We are ever-so-slowly creating a new universe. Forgive us if it takes us more than the usual seven days to get it all done.

We are still accidentally discovering those roads that intertwine; that down the street from the Diabolical is the upward path that leads to Skyworld.

UPDATE : SKYWORLD: APOCRYPHA and SKYWORLD: TESTAMENT is now available at Comic Odyssey, Robinsons Galleria.


Unknown said...

Trese #3 *AND* Skyworld #2?? With a Trese crossover in the Skyworld to boot? AUGH MUST FIND MONEY SOMEHOW, because I have got to buy these! Such a fantastic selection this Komikon! :D

Budjette said...

hi abby!

it's going to be a fun ride!

see you at the Komikon!


kaJO said...

PUTEK! Ang lupet nito! Mervs, Ian, Pa-reserve ng copy! Pa-sign! Congrats!:-)

dramaiqueen said...

the boyfriend and i devoured skyworld apocrypha and skyworld testament within minutes after exiting the megatrade hall! an absolute geekgasm, indeed.

and just finished reading mass murders. burp!

salamat sa inyo mga henyo!

slangards said...

Hi, Budjette. Is Skyworld 2 still available anywhere? I missed out on it at the comiccon.

Budjette said...


SKYWORLD 1 & 2 now available at Comic Odyssey, Robinsons Galleria


And thanks for the great review!