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Monday, September 21, 2009

TRESE at the Book Fair 2009

No... no... this is not the latest incarnation of the Justice League.

This is a picture of me and Kajo at the Visprint booth at the recent Manila International Book Fair.
(Thanks to Wella for taking the pic)

And before you ask, "Who's that character beside Gloomy Kambal?" ... let me tell you that that's Bob Ong. I meant ... that's Bob Ong's KAPITAN SINO character.

(Now that I look at all these characters together, it might be a bad idea to do a "marvel team-up" starring all of them. Maybe we can do that next year.)

Anyway, we just wanted to say thank you to every one who dropped by the Visprint booth while we were there. Thanks to every one who pre-paid for Book 3. Thank you for being so excited and for being so patient. We're just putting the finishing touches to it right now.

The Book Fair also gave us the chance to sit and chat with Alan "Girl Trouble" Navarra, David "Penumbra" Hontiveros, Carlo "Ang Kagilagilalas na ... oh, of course, you know what he did" Vergara, and Nida "I'm really not Bob Ong... really I'm not!" Ramirez; where we got to talk about upcoming titles, future plans, and the importance of Nida being pregnant when we launch new titles.

(thanks to alan for the pic)

During lunch, Kajo popped the question (no... no... he didn't propose!). He asked me, "So, what do you want to do for Book4?" And boy, did we come up with plans for that!

But before we even go there, we've got to launch and release Book3.

While waiting, would you like to see some pages from the book?

TRESE: MASS MURDERS preview pages


Unknown said...

We're glad we were able to place a pre-order on book 3. Haha.

It was really nice seeing you guys there again.

-Mau and Leng

White-Haired said...

Hello Bujette! I just got a hold of your 1st book from my friend and damn, I got hooked the moment i read case 1! Where can I find your books? He told me that these are rare to find nowadays :(

Wandering JacKAL said...

so when is the third book coming?

blood on the mirror said...

@White-Haired: try going to Fully Booked. That's where I found the first volume of Trese. I'm not sure if it's still there though.

Or go to any Komikon conventions.

Terence said...

TRESE rocks! I recommend making at least a novel of all compilation of cases just like Gaiman's The Sandman or Smokes and Mirrors! I would love to read all of Alexandra and the twin's exploits ^___^

Unknown said...

I super duper love your TRESE... i just bought my 3rd book today.. im so excited to finish it... im waiting for the fourth bOok... ;)