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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Free TRESE poster

Post this on your wall for your own protection

We'll be giving away this diabolical TRESE poster during FREE COMIC BOOK DAY, May 3.

Buy a copy of TRESE: MURDER ON BALETE DRIVE and get a free poster. It's that simple!

It'll definitely be available at Comic Odyssey, Robinsons Galleria.
I'll update you guys if we'll make the poster available at other comic book stores.

Please check my Twitter page on Saturday morning for updates:

(If you already bought a copy, don't worry because we're putting together a plan so you can also get the free TRESE poster. More details about that soon!)

One more thing, if you see two suspicious looking individuals lurking around Comic Odyssey, Galleria and Comic Quest, Megamall during FREE COMIC BOOK DAY, that's probably me and Kajo. :)


TragedyJon said...

first of all...


so, i read your book in a newspaper article. and i said to myself, "well, i can buy that!" but not really seriously look for it.

until last sunday, i went to Pandayan Bookstore here in Tarlac(which by the way is the best bookstore ever! i always always get really funky books written by Filipino.) and i saw your book on the shelf. i said to myself, "hey, this is the book i saw in the newspaper! i need to buy this." i mean its rarely a chance i get to buy books i read in the newspaper esp. from bookstores here in Tarlac and this early, usually i needed to wait a year or so before i get to see one or buy it on the national bookstore in pampanga or baguio.

I bought your book, kikomachine komix blg 4 and girl trouble. (all from visual printing enterprise... im really a fan of filipino writers esp. bob ong.)

on my bus ride home (yes, i live a bus ride from the bookstore.) i thought maybe i should start reading your book. (im a little bias with kikomachine komix so im kinda saving it for last.) but men, am i so wrong starting your book in the bus! who ever wrote that article in the newspaper, he was so right! you guys are like batman and robin of the komiks world (uhm... you know what i mean!) the pictures was great! the characters are greatest! the story was overwhelmingly familiar but told differently.

I promised myself three years ago that i will support filipino writers' book because you guys really knows my cultures and what i have to deal with everyday. but i remember thinking that i wished somebody would write about our stories, not these darna-capt. barbel stuff which are obviously based from foreign based super-heroes. I mean our stories - the tikbalangs, the tyanaks, the nuno sa punso. our past alone has so many stories that needed to written, its really foolish to see others sucking to the foreigner's less imaginative stories (don't get me going with the brief after the spandex of superman!)

anyways, i hope you continue to do whatever that is your doing. i will be on my watch for another books from trese and the kambal in spain (yeah, its sucks i needed to go abroad as domestic helper to support my daughter.)

zailo said...


Sorry for posting this here. But you emailed me a few years ago regarding Winston Pascual. Now I am trying to get in touch with him. Can you help?

Unknown said...

Hello this is my first time posting. I'm a college teacher by profession and I saw a copy of your book at national book store; which is the only copy ever left. I liked storied by Arnold Arre's Myth Class hence my piqued curiosity decided to purchase your work

I am Cebu based although it pains me that you can't do any regional visits, and I didn't get a free poster with the komik but nonetheless I am happy to see people doing a proper comics unlike the things we see in a 10peso pang masa worth of commercialism crap 'komiks'.

I highly recommend your book to my students.

MarieKa said...

Hello Mr. Budjette ^_^. can you tell me when will you publish the compilation issue of trese komix?..


Budjette said...

Hi Marieka,

TRESE: MURDER ON BALETE DRIVE compiles the first four Trese stories.

More info about it at:

The next TRESE book will compile story # 5 to #8.

And the third TRESE book will compile story #9 to #13.

Those two books will be available sometime this year.

We will announce it once they're ready. :)

If you're asking when will we publish the TRESE book that has all 13 stories, then the answer is, we're not yet sure.

We do dream of eventually compiling it in a hardcover edition, but that maybe that's something we'll do later on.

We're glad that you've enjoyed these TRESE mysteries!


p.s. thanks also to Joan and Aljoriz for writing in :)

Budjette said...

btw, if you're looking for copies of TRESE: MURDER ON BALETE DRIVE, then please refer to...

Some stores may have already run out of copies, so just ask them to order for you and reserve a copy.



kaJO said...

hi po sa lahat!

we're glad you enjoyed reading the book as much as we enjoyed making them.


tengk u, tengk u!