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Friday, December 09, 2005

When the sun sets in the city of Manila,
don’t you dare make a wrong turn and
end up in that dimly-lit side of the metro,
where aswang run the most-wanted kidnapping rings,
where kapre are the kingpins of crime,
and engkantos slip through the cracks
and steal your most precious possessions.

When crime takes a turn for the weird,
the police call Alexandra Trese.

TRESE (Alamat Comics)
Story by Budjette Tan / Art by Kajo Baldisimo
20-pages / P30.00
Now available at Comic Quest, Megamall


|3run0 said...

Hi There. I really enjoyed issue #1. It is moody and well-paced. If I can make one small criticism, I find much of the commentary in the initial drag race somewhat redundant, as the images speak for themselves.

Anyway, congratulations. I´ll be looking for new updates to this blog.

[]s Bruno

Anonymous said...


you ripped off hellboy.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, Budjette, awesome. You really are a storyteller at heart and I wish I had that gift too...I am completely struggling with mine but I am so glad I'm reading your work again and I'm amazed as well with what Kajo's been doing. You guys are at a good place where you have people like me looking for more and wondering what you two will come up with next. Cheers!

By the way, has Wawi posted here too? She was the one reminding me to visit. I know it was one thing to have seen the pages on the email but it's another to see it here all put together. Congratulations!

Let me know when your new stuff comes out. Sorry I didn't visit agad. I was out of Manila thrice this month.


Budjette said...

Hi Bruno, Mr. Baggins, KAREN!!!

Thanks for reading TRESE.
Thanks for the comments. :)


Budjette said...

hey kids!

You can check out Mr. Fardo Baggins' online comic book at:

Mr. Baggins (aka Niko Bouffard), hope you can make more comics! :)


Anonymous said...

I'm a serious fan of pinoy artworks, especially for comics.
Where could i get hard copies of this comic?? could i get a reply at
salamat ng marami!
--chito esguerra

Anonymous said...

new site ->

Siopao Master said...

nice story on Trese #1

makes me remember my childhood stories

Unknown said...

hi. I found out about treat thru a review in the inquirer. After reading the cases in your site, including the prequel, I am now a fan of the series. I recently bought the first trese, and am wondering when the rest be published? It is a different experience actually holding the hard copy than reading online, so I do hope the next Installment comes soon.
Also, will there be any mention on alexandra trese's family - her parents, any other family members in the same line as she is, does she have any romantic interests, etc. Also, more about the kambal! They are so cool, ghoul sidekicks...astig!
more power and looking forward for more cases.

Budjette said...

Hello Veronica Carla,

Glad that you still decided to pick up the book after reading the stories online.

BOOK2 should be out in a couple of months.

BOOK3 is scheduled to be available by late this year. We hope that you will find the answers to your questions when you get to read BOOK3. :)


John said...


i don't know what rock i was hiding under because i just learned of your comic series yesterday.

i was at the toycon in megamall and just happened upon a stall that was selling "trese: murder on balete drive". found the blurb interesting. bought it for a bit of light reading -- but was blown away from page 1.

now i'm out looking for back issues of trese -- darn you!! :)

more power to you. thank you for creating the graphic novel of my dreams.

- John Ray

Budjette said...

hey johnray!

it's a good thing we had a booth at the toycon. too bad i wasn't able to go. kajo was there in there in the afternoon. don't know if you got to meet him. :)

anyway, you don't need to hunt down the back issues because TRESE BOOK2 will be out soon. it will contain case # 5 to 7 and the brand new case #8.

see a preview of the cover at:

many thanks!


John said...

kajo was there???? hay, had i known, i would have asked him to sign my copy...

can't wait for next book!

thanks budjette...