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Friday, January 20, 2006

Thanks to the Dream King

Thanks to the hundreds of people who’ve clicked and read our comic book. Thanks to the ones who gave feedback and left such kind words in the comments board.

And, of course, a big thank you must go to
Neil Gaiman for posting the TRESE link and getting all you people to visit my dark corner of Manila. Hope you drop by again. We should have something new to show by February.

BTW, I did write a prequel, of sorts, to TRESE #1.
It’s called “One Last Drink at the Diaboical” and you can read it:


Anonymous said...

Heeeey. Cool comic, saw the link in Mr. Gaiman's blog.

I commend Alexandra for having the forebearance to wear a trenchcoat in the heat of Manila. W00t, haha.

Oh yeah, the thing in the man hole rocks. Cute, slimy and creepy; I love it.

jane said...

hello again budjette! I am so excited coz my mom is actually in megamall as i type this comment. i alsready called her and she said she's gonna get trese. yipeee!!!
are you also a big US comics fan? I not much of a fan really. I find superhero comics too demanding. I do enjoy reading vertigo comics. I've been following the Fables title.
anyway, just wanted you to know I loved your prequel. man, even without the graphics, the story is very very intriguing. i wish you well mr. budjette. let me know if i can help trese komiks. i will certainly spread the word among Filipinos here. I'll see if I can convice our local library to have it in their shelves.
adios for now. and keep them stories coming.

Anj said...

Hi! Thanks for posting the first issue of Trese! I'm currently in Canada, and it's great to read works from Filipino writers/artists. :)


Paul said...

Hey there... Stumbled upon this site from Jessica's blog. I was wondering if there's a place here in Cebu that sells your comic book TRESE. Just read the first part and I love it. I'm not into comic books actually but this one caught my attention. Hope you could give me some answers. Until then.

Budjette said...

Hi Paul,

Glad you liked TRESE. It's always nice to get feedback from non-comic book readers who suddenly find a story that they like.

So far, we do not have distribution in Cebu. But please do keep checking this site for updates about TRESE.

Thanks! :)


Paul said...

Hi Budjette,

Too bad... Some of your sources for the pictures and slides are being blocked here in the office. I'm usually stuck here in the Office for 12-13 hours a day. I was thinking maybe a comic book will come in handy. I guess I'll just wait for the said comic book to be released here in Cebu.

Can't wait for that time.

Thanks again for your time!


Kae said...

Have read only 4 pages so far, but I had to post because it looks interesting.

Anonymous said...

hello....i just started reading ur works...really i am a fan of yours...keep up the good brother and i are your fans..really...=)

Unknown said...

I admit, the comics really cool, but somewhat, lacking in some sense. There are lesser fight scenes than the Kambal smirking and it seems like the affiable Nuno isn't doing much to enlighten the story. Eh, how about The Nuno being a technophile: He has his own TiVo and Nintendo Wii, just to add some comic relief?

Budjette said...


Glad that you (kinda) liked the story. The Nuno has his uses. He makes another appearance in TRESE #6. As far as a technophile enkanto is concerned, you'll be seeing that soon... as soon as we finish the next issue.

hehehe :)

Thank you for reading!


Payaso said...

Just bought Book 3 today at P200.00 at National Book Store.. is that the right price? I just read that it was sold for P30.00..

Payaso said...

I just bought Book 3 at National Bookstore for P200.00, Is that the right price? I just read that it was sold for P30.00 at Mega mall.

Budjette said...

Hi Mr. Payaso,

Here are links to Trese, as sold on National Bookstore

As you can see, Books 1 and 2 are sold at P140. Book 3 is sold at P200.

Trese used to be sold at P30 (when it was just Xeroxed).

Hope this clears things up.

Thank you very much for picking up our books :)


Payaso said...

Just finished reading book three and I'm now excited to see Book four!! when will it come out? Any spoilers?

Budjette said...

Hi Mr. Payaso!

Here are preview pages from TRESE Book 4

(cut and paste the link pls)