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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Instructions found written on an old tourist map

Instructions found written on an old tourist map: Towards the end of Ghost Month, there are places in the city where you can meet with your dearly departed. Bring a jacket. It will become very cold when they appear. Bring their picture. Bring their favorite food and drink. Find an unfinished building or house. Better if you find an unfinished bridge or road. At exactly 4am, hold their picture, think about the last time you talked with them, close your eyes, then take a step forward. When you feel that sudden chill and when someone says, "Hello." open your eyes. You will be able to spend time with that one soul until the sunrises. Offer them the food and drink but don't take any of it. When the sun begins to rise, tell them to head home. Then head home as well.

1 comment:

Cheloy said...

I would love to try this... only to find a time to talk with my mom and dad again... but I might end up running and joining them >.>