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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Team TRESE at Summer Komikon

Thanks to every one who came by to visit us at the Alamat / Visprint table!

Thanks to every one who got copies of Trese, Precinto 13, the Trese Night Gallery Prints, as well as Paolo Fabregas' THE FILIPINO HEROES LEAGUE!

And thanks to the Komikon crew from picking such a great venue and organizing such a great comic con! What a great way to start to the summer!

How I looked like at the start of the Komikon...

... and this is how I looked 5 hours later (trying to hide the pain)

Team TRESE: Wella, Kajo, and me

Fujipic courtesy of Hub Pacheco

This is the first time anyone's asked me to sign their shirt!

Paolo with his brand new baby!

And this should give you a good idea of how fun it was...
Art by Omeng Estanislao

Thanks to Hub and Kitty and all the other people who took our pix and I just swiped them from your Facebook page! Hehehe! Thank you!


anj said...

Thank you to you and Kajo for being so accommodating the entire time. :)

I'm looking forward to sending Trese vol 1 and 2 to my artist cousin in the States and hearing his feedback. When I told him we have a booming comic book industry, I promised to send him the best one we got. :p

Looking forward to book 4!

kaJO said...

thank you, anj!

Unknown said...

I am so glad to finally have met both of you.

You guys are here too:

kaJO said...

thanks, Xylith!

kaJO said...

Thanks, Xylith!