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Monday, February 28, 2011

The Kambal at Komikstrip

Seems like I missed all the fun that happened at this year's Komikstrip. For some strange reason, when the Kambal traveled all the way to UPLB, they got caught under the spell of some enkanto or salamankero and they were transformed into... girls!

Mignonne Yap as Happy Kambal and Erika Thea Hernandez Ajes as Gloomy Kambal

HaLe Starship Black with Erika

Mignonne, Gloomy Kambal unmasked
Simeon from EL FILIBUSTERISMO meet the Kambal?! Did he time travel?

Manix Abrera protects himself when the Kambal came along. Astig!

Gerry shows no fear when he gets surrounded by the Kambal

Happy Kambal with a very happy Manix

a very strange team-up
this is like Vertigo-Marvel-team-up

So, I wonder, were the girls inspired by this Kambal pin-up made by Ian Sta. Maria.

Art by Ian Sta. Maria

Pictures from the Facebook pages of:HaLe Starship Black and Amado Aparentado

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