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Friday, December 10, 2010

Underworld Creatures Gallery 2

Here are more of Ian Balba's sculptures, which are all part of his creatures of Philippine myth college thesis. This set of pictures have the sculptures in different settings. Again, very beautiful, very detailed, very freaky work! Reminds me of those dioramas in the Ayala Museum. How I'd love to wander a dimly-lit gallery and just get lost in this fantastic, dark underworld.





BATIBAT: Typically described an obese woman. They are creatures who live in trees and when these trees are cut down and used as posts in house, they continue to stay in the wood. They forbid anyone to live near their domicile. They will sit on people who sleep near their post, causing them to have nightmares or a bangungot. To drive them away, you are supposed to bite your thumb or wiggle your big toe. 


cafir having a smoke



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