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Saturday, October 30, 2010

TRESE: Cadena de Amor

Happy Halloween! Here's a treat from me and Kajo! It's a brand new TRESE case called "Cadena de Amor". Some lucky readers were able to buy advanced copies of this at the Metro Comic Con.

In case you're wondering, yes, this is the first case in upcoming TRESE Book 4.

Let me now demonstrate my mind-reading skills!

I can see... I feel that...

That you're about to ask me the question...

"When is Book 4 coming out?"

Did I get it right?

Well, here comes the bad news.

We really, really wanted to get the new book in your hands as soon as we could, but we're still working on it. So, most probably, the new Trese book will be available early next year.

For the moment, we hope you enjoy this new Trese story.

Thank you!


Key said...

Can't wait til the next book!

Not to nitpick, but there were some grammar lapses in some parts of the dialogue. :p

But that's just a minor flaw. Overall, this is awesome!

mojacko said...

excellent! at ang hirap ng mga eksenang pina-drawing mo kay kajo ha? the mrt scene, the vines, the different elementals in the park...
but kajo pulled them off effortlessly, it seems. kudos!

irene said...

uhm,suggest lang, pwede sa susunod na book, ang gamitin mu pong lugar un sa mga tabing dagat...gusto ko naman ma experience magbasa ng trese na ang pinangyarihan sa tabi ng dagat...anyway wla akong masabi kc ang ganda tlga nia....

YOSH!!!!amazing, idol!!!! keep it up guys!!!

The Astrobrat said...

i should have gotten on blogger sooner can't believe i missed reading Cadena de Amor sooner. :-(
Missed the ComicCon. double :((

Unknown said...

I was waiting for this. I thought the 4th book was supposed to be out on November 2010. But then, what do I know about making art and creating a new world other than it's a TASK.
Thanks and hope to see the 4th book on the shelves soon!