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Thursday, November 11, 2010



Story by Budjette Tan
Art by Kajo Baldisimo

Minda needs to do a lot of things today, like study for her exams, take care of her ailing mother, and when the world needs her help, swallow a magical gem and transform into the high-flying super-hero Minakawa.

Minda was chosen to receive this magical gem because of her brave heart and kind soul; chosen by the man only known as Talis.

So, just when Minda thinks she’s done saving the day, Talis shows up to ask for one more favor. How can Minda say refuse the man who gave her all this power?



Chard said...

WOW! This is really a big surprise, Budj and Kajo! Astig ang fight scenes! More power to Trese and Talis! :)

dexterwee said...

This is beautiful. Kajo's art is outstanding as ever. Simple and effective. Love the design on Minakawa especially how the Philippine flag Sun was integrated into the wings. Page 18-19 spread is cool. A nice tribute to Pinoy superheroes.
Also I notice in page 21 panel 4 Talis uttered the words "to find" twice. Thought it must be some typing error.
Page 22 splash is awesome! Very creative. When is this going to be published? I'm looking forward to it.

jzhunagev said...

Hi Sir Budjette!

This is awesome! Will this be available at this coming KOMIKON?

Thanks! ^_^

Haoson said...

Hello Budjette I'm a big fan of your works and waiting patiently for the next Trese book to come out!

I liked the idea you have here in Talis and it's pretty refreshing that you took a diff. route than the usual pinoy superhero plots and concentrating on the person who gave the powers to the humans rather (and his mission) than a subjective character centered superhero (where authors of the more famous pinoy superheroes have done).

I just want to comment on panel 16 where Mnakawa and Talis were talking is the word Any should be there? or is it supposed to be Anyway but was cut?

I was just wondering :D
Really great work! I hope to see this one to come out too same as Trese!

Dan said...

Looks fabulous! Can't wait for it to come out here in Cebu. :)

batangbatugan said...

I'd say this is a good break from Trese, although... you know you guys will have to do the crossover with Trese eventually. XD

I like the birds VS snakes motif.(GATCHAMAN?!) Minakawa reminds me of a female Darkhawk, and her relationship with Talis kinda reminds me of the characters of Marvel's Star Brand.

Budjette said...

Hi Wilson!

I was hoping to get feedback from THE artist of BATTLE OF THE PLANETS! hahaha!

"I like the birds VS snakes motif.(GATCHAMAN?!)"
Ohwow! I didn't think of that! My basis for the bad guys was "What if Valentina was a man?" And I didn't want to call her Valentino! hahaha!

"Minakawa reminds me of a female Darkhawk" I told Kajo that I envisioned Minakawa to be an updated Silverhawk. And I'm glad he found a way to make her look more "Pinoy".

"her relationship with Talis kinda reminds me of the characters of Marvel's Star Brand." Ohhh... I barely remember that. I was a bigger fan of DP7 and PsiForce. So, the StarBrand character had a mentor as well?

Thanks for reading TALIS, Wilson!!!


zafcom said...

wow! i keep coming back to this page and keep on reading and re-reading it i was so amaze with the art work and story is great! that i did not notice all the typo's mentioned... i just can't wait to get my hands on this books sir're my new idol!!! congrats! and keep it up the amazing and out of this world works!!

batangbatugan said...

EY Budj!

Well actually The Old Man was the originally wielder who wanted to get rid of it so he gave it to the first person he encountered. He eventually wanted it back and tricked the new owner to give it back to him and when that failed, he fought him for possession.

I just have that same "bad guy" Vibe from Talis I guess XD

lorraine said...

Cool a new one. When I saw the picture and the dialogue it reminded me of Morpheus from the Matrix trilogy, blue pill red pill thing.

I thought this was another of those typical superhero story like Darna but having an idea that this would still be different (after reading Trese)and I wasn't dissapointed.

Looking forward to this new title.

nestcomiks said...

ser budj and kajo!!!

once again this is epic!!!

gah cant wait! for the printed copies