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Sunday, April 04, 2010

night swimming

"They were once worn by two aswang who were forced to do battle in 'The Theater of Doom'. Every night they fought for their lives. Their master used the masks to control them. When we put a stop to the theater and set them free, the aswang decided to stay with us. They died defending your grandfather from the maligno horde."-- Anton Trese

And this is Kajo's illustration of those two very loyal aswang and a very young Lolo Trese. I'm hoping we can one day tell the tale of the Trese Clan's early adventures and cases.

More Trese art at:


Reagan D said...

can't wait for the early Trese adventures!

Unknown said...

that's one pimpin' granpa!

Marz said...

Now there's another interesting story to look forward to.

Maya said...

oooh more femme fatals! :D i'm getting curious xD

Unknown said...

exciting... :D