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Monday, January 11, 2010

Trese 5000

Thanks to everyone that made 2009 such a great year for TRESE. The latest unofficial count is we’ve already sold over 5,000 copies of Books 1 and 2. We hope that Book 3 will sell as much.

Thanks to everyone who got copies --who got copies and gave them away as gifts (we’d get the occasional email from people abroad about how they got copies of Trese from their relatives over here).

Thanks to everyone who reviewed it on their blogs, Twitter, Plurk, Facebook, Friendster, and Multiply. It’s just amazing how these reviews range from the simple thank you's to lengthly, complex analysis that reads like a thesis paper. Thank you very taking the time to say all those wonderful things about Trese.

By the way, there is now a Trese Facebook page which you can now join: (updated 2015)

This January, me and Kajo start working on the next Trese case. We hope to finish a new book just in time for the Komikon in October/November.

And just so that you get your Trese-fix a bit earlier, we also hope to release preview books during the comic-cons that will be happening during the first half of the year.

And don’t’ forget to check out UNDERPASS graphic anthology (available wherever you also find Trese). The last story in the book, “The Clinic” was made by me and Kajo.


We’ve been receiving feedback from readers that the copies of TRESE that they bought have faulty binding; that the pages fall off from the spine soon after they read it. This is the first time we’ve started to get such reports. We apologize that this has happened.

Here are two ways you can have your copies replaced:

Return the book to the bookstore where you bought it and have it exchanged for a new one. It would be best that you bring your receipt and that you get it exchanged within a week of purchase.

Go to the Visprint office and exchange your copy with a new one. Please bring your receipt as well. Email Visprint at book_inquiry @ visprint .net for more details.

(Obviously, if you’ve had that copy for several months already and the pages have fallen off because it has been passed around to everyone in your household, you school or office, then we’d have to decline in giving you a new copy.)

Thank you very much!


Thadeus Obaob said...

Congratulations Sir Budjette and More Power to You!

Anonymous said...
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Reagan D said...

i'm a fan. i'm a lover.

soon, a trese apprentice.
more power!more magick!

mojacko said...

hey, may interesting criticism of book 3 dito