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Monday, January 05, 2009

Tracking down TRESE

TRESE is now available in the following stores:

Best Sellers

Druid's Keep Comic Odyssey
Comic Quest
Fully Booked
Pandayan Bookstore


National Bookstore (available nationwide)

These stores have already ordered TRESE and all their branches should them in stock. In the bookstores, they're usually found in the Philippine Fiction section. In the comic book stores, they're usually found with all the locally-made comic books. If your local branch or favorite bookstore/comic book shop doesn't have copies, just go to their customer service counter and give them the following information:

Published by Visprint
Authors: Budjette Tan & KaJo Baldisimo
ISBN: 971-92574-7-4

Published by Visprint
Authors: Budjette Tan & KaJo Baldisimo
ISBN: 971-92574-9-0

Published by Visprint
Authors: Budjette Tan & KaJo Baldisimo

ISBN: 971-94569-0-6

Tell the bookstore that they can reach Visprint via:
book_inquiry (@)

Hope this makes it easier for you to find copies of TRESE.

Many thanks for all the support!

p.s. in case you do find copies of TRESE available at your local store, please post it here so that other readers will know the specific branches where it can be bought :-)


panalambiton said...

I love TRESE!!! Go Pinoy!!!

Me! said...

Hey there! Just wanted to let you know I was the crazy American who bought (at least) one of everything at the Alamat booth at the recent Metro? Comic Con.

Consider me an instant fan. Trese has the balls of Constantine with the originality of White Wolf fiction. I love the little references to real people and places. I'll see if I can't track down more issues to send to my friends in the US.

Budjette said...

Hi Adam!

Yes! "Crazy American Who Bought At Least One Issue of Everything While Wearing a Darna TShirt"!!!

Very happy you enjoyed the book! Thanks for the comparison to Constantine!

Hope you can give feedback on the other books as well.

If you looking for more copies of TRESE, and if Oritgas is a convenient place for you to visit, then I suggest you go to Best Seller bookstore at Robinson, Galleria (they usually have stock there).

Thanks again!


Les said...

Books 4, 5 and 6. Filbar's Glorietta 5 Level 2. Nabili ko an young Book 1. :)

Unknown said...

Is it available overseas? Please anyone?

Budjette said...


The books are not yet available overseas.
But you can download the TRESE ebook versions from AMAZON.
You can order them via :

Hope this helps!


Ahmed Aldebrn Fasih said...

Any Trese available for international people today? I checked Amazon Kindle, no results for Trese. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Trese: Mass MURDERS volumes 2 and 3 are available on Amazon today. Only 2 copies of each. Not sure if they ship overseas. Worth checking out.

DoKsTeR said...

I need to buy Trese book 1 - 3, where is it available in metro manila? thanks

Raymondray said...

Hello. I'm looking for a copy of book 4 since i can no longer find mine. Any help is highly appreciated.

Raymondray said...

Saw book 2 at lazada. they also have the colored version of cases 1-3 of book 1 if you want that.

Raymondray said...

Thanks for the info. I hope they still have stock of book 4.