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Monday, November 03, 2008

TRESE in Philippine Star

‘Trese’ comics are a worthy homage to Monsters, Mythology and Metro Manila.
by J. Vincent Sarabia Ong
Philippine Star : SUPREME

The spell both Budjette and his partner Kajo cast comes not from their influences mentioned in past interviews like the comic book “Planetary” or “Twilight Zone” but rather from Neil Gaiman’s “Sandman.” The heroine Trese calmly interrogates a rich dragon man who is heir to a Chinese mall empire and in another panel seeks help from a Quiapo merchant who can talk to cats. The world of “Trese” is a place where you must suspend your disbelief and accept that crime has taken a weird turn as the authors describe it.

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iammichellexoxo said...

where can i get a copy? meron ba dito sa cebu .. my friend jayboy acosta told me about alexandra .. na peak yung interes ko. po. tnks

Budjette said...

hello MsSway,

Yes, we've received several email from Cebu that they were able to buy their copies of TRESE at National Bookstore.

If they've already sold out, you can order through their customer service. Just give them the details about the book to make sure they get your order right :)