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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Meanwhile ... at the Mall of Asia

This Saturday, you will find us lurking around:
Mangaholix Manga Mania '08
May 31, 2008, Saturday
SMX Convention Center
Seashell Drive, Mall of Asia Complex,
Pasay City, Philippines

I think they have plans of dragging us up on stage to talk about Trese and the Kambal.

TRESE: MURDER ON BALETE DRIVE will also be available at the Mangaholix table.

(We might come in costume. I will be the Fat Kambal and Kajo will be the Thin Kambal.)

Hope to see you there!


ollie said...

Hey there! Trese looks awesome. I'd like to get a copy - but I"m based in Singapore. How could I buy one?

Budjette said...

Hi Ollie!

You order it online at...

If you find the shipping cost a bit pricey, then you might have to try and get it the hard way: to have a friend or family member go to one of the local bookstores or comic book stores and buy you a copy and send it over to you :)

So far, those are the two ways you can get your own copy of TRESE.

Will update you if other online bookstores start carrying the title.

Thank you very much!


pen said...

hi budjette!

just bought a copy of trese and im reading it right now :D wee!

may available bang poster na binebenta? kasi it was just last week that i found about this book when i dropped by national sa edsa central.

was looking for a book to buy, e nakita ko un trese..kako "wow! lupet neto..mabili nga.." :D

can i link you in my blog? para i can have easy access sa updates and stuff..tnx!


-pen palaboy

SilverWater said...

Just wondering when will the next issue come out. Looking forward for more.

Budjette said...

hi silverwater!

TRESE Book2 should be out by late August.

Just come back to the site for updates!



Budjette said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Budjette said...

hi pen!

we try to make the TRESE poster available again.

will update you via this blog on where it will be available.

maybe we'll have it ready when Book2 comes out in August!

many thanks!


Mark Rosario said...

July's almost over. Any news about the release date of Trese Book 2?.. (August 13 perhaps? heheh..)

Julsitos said...

is there a way i can get your autograph for my Trese komiks?

what if i send it to you with a self-addressed stamped envelope, would it be ok (just like US authors do with autographs like Ursule Le Guin)?


Budjette said...

Hi JJ!

Are you based in Manila?
If you are, maybe we can meet up or you can leave it at one of the comic book stores and I can sign it when I go to the store.

Hello Mr. Markus :)

TRESE: BOOK2 is being printed as we speak!

We don't have a definite date on when it'll get to the stores. How I wish we can release it on August 13, but it might get deliver sometime last week of August.

Will post news about it when we find out! :)


Mark Rosario said...

Wow, that's amazing! I'm excited for that... By the way, I enjoyed Book 1 a lot. I was palnning to write some sort of a review and put it there in my blog but then I thought I wont bother since you've had lots of positive reviews already :)