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Thursday, April 17, 2008


When the sun sets in the city of Manila,
don’t you dare make a wrong turn and
end up in that dimly-lit side of the metro,
where aswang run the most-wanted kidnapping rings,
where kapre are the kingpins of crime,
and engkantos slip through the cracks
and steal your most precious possessions.

When crime takes a turn for the weird,
the police call Alexandra Trese.

This book contains the follow: 
(click on the links to read a FREE preview of the stories)

This book compiles the first four cases of Trese, has an introduction from Gerry Alanguilan, an afterword from me-- where I talk about the beginnings and influences of TRESE, a bonus section in the back-- with sketches and character designs from Kajo.

Published by Visual Print Enterprises
Written by Budjette Tan, Art by Kajo Baldisimo
Format: Black&White, 104 pages
Cover price: P140.00

the sneak preview


NOTE: in case the copy you got has faulty binding, click here to find out how you can have it replaced with a new one

book 1

Creative Commons License
TRESE:MURDER ON BALETE DRIVE by Ferdinand-Benedict G. Tan and Jonathan Baldisimo is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Philippines License.


Mark Rosario said...

congratulations in your work for this one. looks very interesting.

Unknown said...


Oh wow. I remember reading your first story in the Manila Envelope. It was my favorite part of that compilation. Now you're on your seventh story, and coming out with a compilation!

The art has definitely improved, and the stories are all familiar but with witty twists. I cannot believe I forgot about Alexandra and the kambal. Rest assured, that won't happen again. I'm definitely buying the compilation when it comes out.

More power to you and Kajo! Keep it up!

kaJO said...

i will buy one copy, which makes us three buyers, including the two posters. four buyers if you, budjette, will buy another copy to keep sealed and mint.

now tell your drawer, kajo, to buy a copy.

five copies bought is a good start.

(runs to national bookstore at 11:58 pm)

kaJO said...


im not kajo, the drawer of Trese. im merely using his name so that he cant use it anymore.

it will piss him off, eventually, i hope.

Budjette said...

Hello again "Mr. I'm Not Kajo The Drawer of Trese",

Kajo has be using that nickname ever since he was grade school. So, I doubt he'll stop using it anytime soon.

And it's not really nice to try and piss off people. Please don't do that. :)

--budjette tan

lorraine said...

My brother bought a copy of Trese volume 1 and the first thing that caught my attention was the name budgette tan. Because I remembered batch 72 such a good comic book but so bitin. So just by that name I know it would be so good and I was right. I just finished Trese vol 1 and immediately went online to check the site and I wasn't dissapointed. Good Luck on you guys hope you guys make more Filipino comics that are not mediocre. For the New Year I'm gonna buy the second volume. Congrats!

Budjette said...

hi Lorraine,

That was a very nice message to read at the start of the year!

Yup, BATCH72 was a lot of fun and I hope to go back to that world someday and tell more the band's stories and make them sing more songs :)

Hope you enjoying reading TRESE : BOOK2 and we'll tell you when BOOK 3 will be ready.

Happy New Year!


Unknown said...

excellent work sir budjette and sir kajo(the real kajo)...
i already read your two books...
even told it to a good friend of mine...
i was wondering...
when will book 3 probably be published???

Nathalie said...

Just bought a copy last night at National Bookstore. Have read 2 of the 4 cases in it and was already darn impressed after reading the first one. Will definitely be getting books 2 and 3 of the series. Great job guys!

bobot said...

Sir Budj and Sir Kajo!
Nice job! (Great-great job actually!!!)
I just bought a copy of Trese book 1 in National Bookstore yesterday and was reading it the entire half day in the office.
Fascinated with the story outline and art style, it actually inspired me to write my own story.

Again, great job po mga Sir!
Thanks for the inspiration.

PS-bibili ako nung Book 2&3, at sana masundan pa ng marami.


Photog-Runner said...

galing!!! bibili ako nito bukas. :)

artisticmood said...

Hi Budjette!

I love the way the Filipino folklore is used in the story; the way mystery is presented. Totoo nga na nakakainis kasi masasabi mo, "bakit di ko agad naisip 'yun?" Hahaha. Astig at Pinoy na Pinoy! More power to you guys!

Jarmaine said...

sayang 1st book plang meron ako kasi kelan ko lang nabasa pero super duper nagustuhan ko tlga toh .. now i'm currently reading the TRESE: A Private Collection from the exhibit sa Mall of Asia kanina :)) yey! thanks to my Nanay <3

Jarmaine said...

e2 plang ang book na meron ako amp :( hahanapin ko pa ung dalawang kulang ko , ang ganda nito grabe .. ngaun i'm currently reading the TRESE: A Private Collection that was given to me by my nanay galing sya sa exhibit sa SMX.. i'm so happy right now :) ang galing nyo po Budjette Tan at Kajo Baldisimo :) ganda pa ng drawing :)

CAZ said...

Getting late into this but got Trese 1 recently and finishing Book 2 for the weekend. Saw that 4 is already out. Can't wait to get it.

Currently writing my own urban fantasy book. Thanks for the great work. Inspiring! Time to celebrate our own mythology and folklore.

CAZ said...

I know I'm coming late into the series as I just got Book 1 prior to the weekend and finish Book 2. Saw that 4 is out and will certainly get it next week.

I'm currently undertaking my own urban fantasy work and I thank you for this. We need to be reminded to celebrate our own mythology and folklore and this work certainly does that. I am inspired.

More power guys!

Jeyms said...

nice art. the story, though, is in "short-story" format. do you guys have a grand plan that will link some if not all stories together?


Jeyms said...

nice art. nice story. will you introduce new major characters?

Budjette said...

Hi Jeyms!

I think what you're looking for will be found when you read Book3, Trese: Mass Murders.

Hope you get the chance to read all four books :)



Reymos said...

I am very proud of you guys! I cant wait to grab your Book 5!

Unknown said...

> < ∩ ∩
If is see this in anime is look like
Blood+ ADD TO bleach!

Rommel C. Manalo said...

Can I have these in e-book format and pay it online?

I want the whole 5 series.

Kats said...

Just got into this great series through our Literature class. I picked up volume 7 at NBS recently and have found it's difficult to look for the other books. Is there somewhere I can buy the other comments? Thanks!

Kats said...
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Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Really glad that this was part of our reading list in Lit class when I was in high school at St. Scho :) This is amazing!

Shiraa _sama19 said...

The plot was really interesting, I didn't expect how the story goes which makes me satisfied as a reader. The author gives a classic thrilling book filled with all genres. Im planning to buy a copy as a gift for my bestie. Well, this is a worth reading book. Thanks sir for making it.