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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

TRESE: now available

the dead-tree editions

TRESE is now available in the following stores:

3rd Floor Extension Mall
Robinson's Galleria, Ortigas
(near Red Ribbon)

Basement, Bldg. A
SM Megamall

3rd Floor, Gateway Mall
Magallanes, South Super Highway

In case you don't see it on the shelves, just ask the friendly people behind the counter.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Trese is coming more and more popular! I've seen this page at GMA7/Inq7

I got excited that i've seen Trese on other site specially GMA
Who wrote on this blog? the one at GMA's Page or Inq7?

More Power!

Budjette said...

Yes, we're also excited and happy that TRESE is getting noticed.

That one was reviewed by Ces Cabangon.

Here's another review by Ruel de Vera.

Anonymous said...

hello! i would like to ask when the new issue will be out? i really liked the last 6 issues, a friend recommended your comics and i got hooked, the last one was really a page turner the use of Filipino superstition within modern times is unique, the plot twists are great :). I can't wait for the next one :)

Budjette said...

Hi Kaec,

TRESE #7 should be in stores by mid-December. :)

Thanks for reading our comic book. Glad you liked it!


Anonymous said...
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ziaroneyiski said...

nakita ko na mga gawa mo astig! siya

please visit my comics

4th ARRANZARD said...

a blessed good day to the creators of this wonderful and exciting piece of art... i really want to say that all of the cases so far are very nicely done with some twists and turns...and also making trese a damn good sleek chick...she's hot...ummm if you dont mind may i ask some questions? old is trese? does she have any living relatives?
what is her family history?

and also i like to share this idea of putting more pinoy mythology creatures like the baconawa (phil. counterpart of leviathan), minokawa (a huge big bird), the alan (forests spirits), the kumakatok (3 hooded figures that knocks at doors at midnight), the agta (a relative of the kapre, batibat (a.k.a bangungot), and many many more... (im just sharing my thoughts hehehe...)

thank you very much for making trese it is very much filipino with modern touches...hope to see more of trese and can you have the all 13 cases in a one book if its done...and also being able to read trsese let me appriciate more of our filipino culture...


of sta. rosa city, LAGUNA