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Friday, January 13, 2006

Read the complete TRESE #1



If you're based in the Philippines, you can now order these TRESE titles from Visprint's Shopee site.

If you're based abroad, you can order directly from our publisher at:


UNDER THE INFLUENCE: Where we reveal the sources that inspired and influenced this Trese mystery.

It seems like every generation (and some cultures) have their version of the Lady in White. In Manila, one of the most popular urban legends is the White Lady of Balete Drive. Almost the entire length of that road is lined with balete trees, which according to folklore, is a favorite place of elementals and spirits.

The story of the White Lady of Balete Drive has many variations, depending on who’s telling it. Since the 1950s, people have talked about a lady in white that seen hitchhiking on that road. If a driver does stop and let her in, she would direct them to a particular house and would vanish soon after. Somehow, the driver later discovers that the lady did live in that house but supposedly died many years before that. In other stories, the driver would not stop for the lady in white. As he drives down the road, he’ll happen to glance in his rear view mirror and suddenly the see the lady in his backseat. This would supposedly cause the driver to panic and get into an accident.

As mentioned, some stories have said that the lady in white is the spirit of someone who once lived on that street. Couple of years ago, I heard another story that said the lady is actually a diwata, an fairy-creature that dwells in balete trees.


anonymous said...

great comic! really nice story :) how much is it per issue?

Rene said...

just came over here from gerry's. the story is absorbing and great art as well!

Budjette said...

Hi alpha male and rene,

Thanks for taking the time and reading TRESE. :)

And I'm glad you liked it.

TRESE is only P30.00.
Now available at Comic Quest, Megamall.

In case you don't see it on the rack, just look for Raquel and ask her to find you a copy. :)

Anonymous said...

wow. galiiiing. :3

found your site through neil gaiman's blog. hihi. mabuhay ang pinoy komix!

Adrian said...

Cool comic. I like the plot and dialogue, and the characters seem interesting. The language could use some cleaning up, but that might just be a dialect thing. Overall, pretty cool. :)

Budjette said...

Hi jars and adrian,

Thanks for taking the time to read TRESE. Thanks to the feedback as well. :)

And thanks to the 278 other people who came from Mr. Gaiman's blog and check out this blog.

Of course, thank you Mr. Gaiman for posting the link!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey !

Great comic you have there ! Can't wait to read the next pages !

Are all these creatures in your story inspired from Philipino folklore, or did you made them all up ? I don't know much about the Philippines :-(

You're not selling your comics online, are you ?

Wood (from France)

Anonymous said...

... i second the question about online purchase, since i've never heard of the Megamall and have no idea where it is ... but am interested in reading this series. quite riveting. good job.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful comic. I loved the story.

Anonymous said...

very interesting ... however, the text had a handful of errors. hopefully they've been rectified prior to printing?

Madeley said...

I thought this was brilliant. What would be the best way to order copies into the UK?

Anonymous said...

From Gaiman :)
I really enjoyed this. Could have had a bit more depth, but the mood is fantastic. Will def keep up with this one :) Thanks!

Budjette said...

"Are all these creatures in your story inspired from Philipino folklore, or did you made them all up ? I don't know much about the Philippines." Wood (from France),

Hi Wood!
Thanks for dropping by and reading TRESE. Yes, all of the creatures that I used in the story are based on Philippine folklore and myth, while the story of the "white lady on Balete Drive" has been an urban legend since the 1950s.

Hello to everyone else who dropped by! TRESE is currently only available here in Manila, Philippines.

As soon as we can figure out how to accept orders from abroad, we'll announce it here. Thanks for asking.

And thanks to the people who pointed out my typos. (Although some of the grammatical errors were intentional... my attempt to simulate certain dialects.)


And I still can't stop smiling.

Anonymous said...

Man, that is a very cool comic.

jane said...

DDDDAAAAAANNNNGGGGG!!!! i want a copy! i want a copy!!! i founf your link via my idol, neil gaiman's blog. I am tickled at the prospect of a true-blue Pinoy Folklore inspired komiks. Ang luffett pare!
i live new jersey, estados unidos and it would really mean a lot to me if i can get hold of a copy of your komiks. keep up the awesome job, man! mabuhay ka!

jane said...

keep us updated about any international sales. otherwise i'll just bug my mom to buy me your installments and send it via mail.

Anonymous said...

I like it. Nice use of folklore characters!

By the way, I got here from the Neil Gaiman site.


Budjette said...

Hello JET!

Thanks for clicking the link and liking what you read. :)

Yup, so far, TRESE is only available in Comic Quest, which is located at the basement of Megamall.

btw, hope all of you tell your friends about TRESE. If they crime / horro stories with a Pinoy twist to it, then ask to give TRESE a try. :)

Luis Anthony Oliveros said...

This comic is so cool i cant wait to get this month's pay and head on over to megamall to buy myself a copy! Hmmm...does this mean Alamat could go international? :D

Anonymous said...


I, too, am wondering about international purchase. I live in the US, found you through Neil Gaimen, and would love to help support you as an artist. :) I'm also wondering if you're familiar with RSS feeds, and if you've got an XML page set up to feed from.

Thanks again,

Adam! said...

dami niyo na biglang fans, a, budj! congrats! hayup. kailangang gumawa ng paperback! at ibenta sa eBay! can't wait to read the coming stories in one go! kelan ba ako mapapaMEGAMALL... ?

kumukulong-putik said...

That was sooo damn COOOOOLLLL!!! AZTEEEEEEEEEEEEGGGG PARE!!! I think tnis would help the awareness of Philippine folklore and myth in our country and I'm sure that it'll help the Komiks Industry...Wow! Now a Komiks (Philippine Comics) have a cool fans now in comics-lover countries!!! Ito talaga ang matagal ko ng iniisip sa industriya natin..Ang maitaguyod ang mga Filipino Stories sa ating industriya kagaya ng komiks nyo na may Philippine folklore's and myth's...Galing!!!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic story! Kinikilabutan ako while reading... and it's only 10am! I'm gonna get a copy this week.

jactinglim said...

I hope you find a way to sell Trese abroad :) So far I just send my indies via Post Office. About PhP300 or less to US :) and since I have an Equitable bank account they pay me by Xoom.

Budjette said...

Hi Jac,

Thanks so much for the comments and suggestions.

Will my friends are helping me figure out different ways of getting TRESE into the hands of more people. :)

Keeping fingers crossed!


jactinglim said...

is it ok if I submit a pinup? btw crush ko yung longhaired kambal! XD

Azrael Coladilla said...

ngayon ko lang ito nabasa

lupit !!!!!

il grab all copies soon!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG.....this is so amazing!

Trese and the Kambal are my fav!
And the Kambal's masks and obnoxious character reminds me of Vendetta...heehee!

Awesome first issue! Now that's how to hook someone to read your works! Very nice I'd say!

Why can't it be sold to other comicbook/magazine stores throughout the country? It's hard to go to Megamall because of the bus and MRT fare...hehehe! ^^

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

hello, i have loved Trese since someone's reported it on our Comparative Literature class. Uhmm... I'd also like to introduce this to my workmates, can i download the comics and email it on our Outlook? Of course, I`ll link back and credit. Unfortunately we only use intranet so my workmate won`t be able to access the link on our desks. Not the whole thing of course, just some pages to interest them. :D May I?

Thanks. I'd also link you in my Friendster. :D

Budjette said...

Hi Rhenee!

Glad you liked TRESE. :)
And yes, you have my permission to share TRESE #1 to your officemates. Giving them the link to the site is appreciated.
(I just hope I don't find pirated copies of TRESE in Quiapo. Okay?)


Hope you officemates can give feedback about the book!

Thanks for helping promote TRESE!


Chris Reyes said...

great comic. how many issues are out already? where can i get a copy. i'm in australia right now. are the other issues available online?


Anino said...

Aksidente lang talaga ang pagkakapadpad ko dito.Maari ba kayong idagdag sa aking blogroll?

Maganda! Nagustuhan ko ang istorya!

Marvin927 said...

What a magnificent manifestation of Filipino literary art.

I read the TRESE stories online and made a reservation at Fully Booked Gateway Mall for a copy. The sales clerk said there is only one release of the TRESE Comics and their price is i think P100+. I thought the price is P30? I want to collect all of the TRESE comics from issue #1 to the recent issue release.

How come the sales clerk of Fully Booked Gateway Mall branch said that the distributors only have one issue released and nothing else. but checking it online at this site...there were already seven issues. =<

I am confused=<

Budjette said...

Hi Marvin,

Sorry if you got confused with the different versions of TRESE.

When TRESE was first released in 2005, those were the Xeroxed, 20-page stories. That's why each story had a cover price of P30.

And as you can read here in the site, we've already uploaded TRESE's seven(7) cases.

What's being sold now in the bookstores is TRESE: MURDER ON BALETE DRIVE.

And it looks like this...

TRESE: MURDER ON BALETE DRIVE is 100+ pages long and contains the first four cases along with bonus sketches from Kajo. So, it's well worth the cover price of P140. :)

Hope this clears things up and you'll still pick up the book.


p.s. TRESE: UNREPORTED MURDERS will contain Cases #5 to #8.

Yup, #8 is a brand new case and will only be read in the second volume. The second volume should be in some of the bookstores by the end of August. :)

Marvin927 said...

Hi Budjette,

That clears up the confusion. Thanks a lot=>

Can't wait for the next volume.....the first one was a total hit how much more would the second be.

I hope TRESE will not end up like the other pinoy comics that got discontinued...I'd like to see/read the story up until the end.


Is there still an available poster of TRESE? =>

Marvin927 said...

Hi Budjette,

That clears up the confusion. Thanks a lot=>

Can't wait for the next volume.....the first one was a total hit how much more would the second be.

I hope TRESE will not end up like the other pinoy comics that got discontinued...I'd like to see/read the story up until the end.


Is there still an available poster of TRESE? =>

Marvin927 said...

Hi Budjette,

Is volume2 of Trese(issue#5-8) out now?


Budjette said...

Hi Marvz!

TRESE: UNREPORTED MURDERS is already available in Pandayan Bookstores. It will be in Comic Quest and Comic Odyssey this weekend. And it should in all the other bookstores within the next two weeks.

You can see the preview pages at:



Marvin927 said...

At last i got my hands on your second volume of TRESE. Very nice stories for the 2nd vol.

Thanks for the stories Budjette and Kajo

Marvin927 said...

Hi Budjette

Do you have an estimated release date for the 3rd volume of Trese? and will the story really ends on the 3rd volume?

All my friends and officemates love the first 2 volumes and is so eager to read the next one.

they kept on asking to many question to me about the characters and some side questions like;
who are the kambals?
who and where is Alexandra's father?
what are the tribes in Trese's storyline
What is the history of Trese's family?

there are so many questions and im very happy that my colleagues are asking about it. All of us now have an individual copy of the 2 volumes.

We would love to hear some comments from you=>

More power to you and Kajo and to all the people behind Trese. We're all proud of you guys.

Budjette said...

Hi again Marvin!

We were really hoping to have TRESE: BOOK 3 ready by the Komikon in November, but since we're still working on it, then it'll be delayed.

So, next early release date for it might be December.

As to all your questions, my only answer is ... wait for BOOK 3 :)

And TRESE's story doesn't end after Book3. Like I've said in other posts, there are more cases in Manila for Trese to solve.

Thank you very much for all your support!


Marvin927 said...

Hi Budjette,

Any update if TRESE: Book 3 will be out by Dec.? My friends said that there is already a book.....turned out that they're just kiddin' me as there isn't any yet.

TRESE: Book 3 is highly anticipated.

Hpe t read it as soon as it is available

More power to you and the rest of the team.

Marvin927 said...

Hi Budjette,

IS there a third volume of Trese already out?

Budjette said...

Hi Marvin,

Kajo is just about to start drawing #13.

We hope to get the book out by March.

Will keep you posted :)


Marvin927 said...

hi Budjette,

Is it true that Trese vol.3 is already out?

Budjette said...

Hi Marvin,

So sorry, BOOK 3 is still in the works.

I hope to give a definite date on it's release soon.


Ekusu said...

Nice work mga sir. I'm a big fan of Trese and is hoping maybe you can make a Trese wallpaper? Trese and Kambal :D More power to Trese. I'm extremely excited for Book 3.

Marvin927 said...

hi Budjette,

Any update on the Trese volume 3 book? =>

Very eager na kaming magkakatrabaho on the 3rd installment.

Budjette said...

Thanks to LAYA for this link

A mythical White Lady was blamed for an accident involving a passenger bus that went out control and crashed in the northern Philippine city of Tuguegarao, a radio report said Wednesday.

Bombo Radyo reported at least one passenger was injured in the incident involving the bus (BVB-535) plying the route between Tuguegarao and Santiago City.

Bus driver Rogelio Gaspar said a long-haired woman in white suddenly showed up in his path, prompting him to swerve to avoid hitting her. He said he lost control of the bus.

A local resident, Nonong Decena, said several road accidents had happened in the area, with motorists saying they tried to swerve to avoid hitting the White Lady.

Decena’s claim could not be immediately confirmed with the police.

Gui said...

I this black-white comic book on a Natn'l Bookstore shelf one boring day and decided to check it out... turned out reallllyyy great... I was actually a month pregnant that time and upon reading the 'embrace of the unwanted', i vowed never to abort my baby.. ehehe,, ayokong maging tiyanak 'to noh!

anyway, i'm waiting for the 3rd book.. when will it be?

Jah bless and more power to TRESE, the Kambals, Mr Budjet and Mr Kajo andthe rest of the gang!

Budjette said...

hi there St. Esereth!

You're based in Cebu, yes?

Glad you liked the book!

And glad that you won't contribute to the growing number of tiyanak in the city. :)


Marvin927 said...

Hi Budjette,

Your comics really rocks!!! My balikbayan cousins stayed on a weeks vacation in our place and the next day i bought them books 1 and 2..each to all of them. Now they're back in the states and telling me to buy them the 3rd book as soon as its available.

They said they pretty much like the stories and would love to read more of the folklore stories.

They even showed teh comics to their foreign classmates and like the comics too.

More than meets the eye! =>

Im very excited for book 3.

Mabuhay to all of your and kajo and the rest.

More power and continue haunting our minds with indulging stories.

Budjette said...

hi again MARVIN!

It's great to know that TRESE's stories translate well even though we don't explain a whole lot about these Pinoy creatures and characters.

Thank you for the feedback!

Kajo is working on the last couple of pages for BOOK3 and they've got me excited!

Soon! Soon!



Marvin927 said...

Hi Budjette,

How is TRESE BOOK3 doing? was Kajo able to finish up the last couple of pages?

Is BOOK3 already out?

We're all very eager to know=>

Budjette said...

Hi Marvin,

Yes, we launched Book3 last Sunday the the Komikon...

I noticed that you keep coming back to this page. May I suggest that you bookmark the home page :
... so that you get to see the latest update about the book :)

Anyway, TRESE : MASS MURDERS will be available in stores by early November.



ish.poetic said...

I'm not really into graphic novels but this one is different. I'd like to get the three books :)

Budjette said...

Hi Ish!

Glad you interested in picking up TRESE. They are available in National Bookstore, Powerbooks, and Fully Booked, as well as these stores...



Aonyma said...

Hi, can't help it. But my buddies just created a TRESE group page. Oh gosh, the series are's what I and my buddies have been looking for for years!!!! National bookstore here in our city ran out of the comic books and we ordered some copies (for my cousin who wants a copy on her own) from the Manila branch.

Anyways, thanks for doing such a great job!!!

- Keji

Mariano said...

Hi Sir Budjette! Excellent work, I must say. You can consider me a fan now.

Just saw your work at Powerbooks in Gamol last night and I got hooked instantly.

I learned about the comics from an online source (Inquirer online) that this is one of the best reads for 2010, and I totally agree with that.

I must continue reading, so there. Thanks for your works!

iampedro said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
iampedro said...

sir, i saw your comic book at the national bookstore, and i was so amazed, i haven't read the whole story of trese yet but i saw several pages of it and i love the artwork, i wonder if i can submit a sample of my work

Unknown said...

Hi sir budjette
I really really REALLY LOVE your comic TRESE
Please keep up the good work
I hope trese will not be discontinued like the other comics

Unknown said...

Hello Budgette,

Is Trese #7 already available in the bookstores? I'm interested/excited whether Alex will wage war to Madame. 😁


Unknown said...

I wish I could still get a hardcopy of the entire collection. Finding them seems very hard here. ��

Anonymous said...

Where can I buy it in the U.S. or pdf online sana ��

DanielC said...

Hello po mga Sir,

Matagal ko na pong gustong bumili at kolektahin ang Trese. Sadly, wala na akong mahanap sa mga bookstores malapit saamin. Tried searching the internet and Book 5 and 7 ang available. Saan po kaya makakabili simula sa Book 1?

Isobel said...

Hello po. May Filipino version po ba ng Trese? I ordered online from Barnes & Noble dito sa US. English version. Parang ang weird basahin. Mas gusto ko sana yung Tagalog.