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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Trese at the Metro Comic Con

And now, my very delayed post about the Metro Comic Con 2011

Since me and Kajo are trying to finish the fourth case of Book 4, in between all our usual work, let me just recap the highlights of MCC with these pictures I stole from other people’s Facebook accounts (Hello Ner and Carlo and everyone else who tagged us on Facebook!)

wherein Xandra Ramos of National Bookstore and Ernest Hernandez of Sketchpad Inc. cut the ribbon and official open Metro Comic Con 2011 (and I thought it was line to the buffet table)

With Karen, Vince, the real Hank, Kajo, Wella "The Accountant", Ian Sta. Maria, and Ace Enriquez

And we just want to say thanks to everyone who got copies of Trese, Precinto 13 by me, David, and Atan, Bathala: Apokalypsis by David Hontiveros and Ace Enriquez, the Skyworld series by Mervin Ignacio and Ian Sta. Maria, and The Filipino Heroes League by Paolo Fabregas

That's David Hontiveros on the left and Paolo Fabregas on the right and that's what I look like when I haven't had my first cup of coffee in the morning.

That's Paolo Fabregas on the left and Invisiboy on the right.

Getting a little kickback from Mr. David Lloyd

Philip Tan, the other Tan, and Heubert Michael Khan-- hatching a plan!

Jay Tablante, Wilson Tortosa, Czari Flores, and Carlo Pagulayan


Me and Jay Tablante wanted to give away this wonderful poster of Bianca King’s cosplay Trese and all people had to do was come to the MCC dressed up like Trese or the Kambal or any other character from the comic book.

Well, only a couple of brave souls dared to dress up and here are the lucky winners.

We also got to play around with actual Kambal masks that were made for Jay’s shoot. So, yes, these are one-of-a-kind masks and they are not for sale. (But don’t worry, we’re trying to figure out if we can find a way to make more masks at a more affordable price.)

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