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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

TRESE at the Summer Fiesta Komikon

Thanks to everyone who dropped by the Visprint table and the Alamat table!
(Got a text from Paolo that his preview books for FILIPINO HEROES LEAGUE got sold out before 6pm)

Very sorry we got there late.

As usual, I forgot to bring an electric fan for the booth, and thanks to my polar bear body, I was sweating buckets the minute I sat down. So, I must apologize to all the people who asked me to sign their books and I just ended up sweating on the pages.

I must also apologize to everyone that I already and forgot that already met them. (You have to help me out! I'm on old man!)

Many thanks to Melvin Arciaga for the TRESE caps that he created and designed for me and Kajo. You can check out Melvin's other creations at:

To the lucky ones, we hope you liked your exclusive sneak preview for Case #9.

As you can see, we're working as fast as we can to finish TRESE: BOOK 3.

And, of course, thank you and congratulations to TEAM:KOMIKON for another successful and very musical event!

Here's Gerry's vlog about the event:

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