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Friday, December 05, 2008

Whilce Portacio talks about TRESE

An AZ VIDEO BLOG : Whilce Portacio's message to pinoy komikeros

From the video:
The first topic is comments on Filipino Komiks … on what’s been happening in the local scene lately. I have to say I’ve been very proud of what been happening lately with books like Zsazsa Zaturnnah and the reaction its gotten from the Philippine society as a whole.

And I’m extremely proud of, for instance, Trese. … when I was in the Philippines and I was introduced to this ghost-hunter subculture in the Philippines, I was enthralled by that. And I always thought someone should who take that world, those people, and show the world what’s that really like.

I believe Budj and Kajo have done an exquisite job of giving us that slice of life, of that world, that what that subculture in the Philppines is like, and I believe once that gets known with world gets to know that, they’re just going to go crazy.

Trese... is one of the best ongoing books in that market. It is the book I would love to write myself...about Filipinos in the Philippines and all doing purely Filipino things in Filipino ways. They capture the true atmosphere of the Manila I know and love.

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