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Thursday, June 07, 2012

Art Republik Interview

Many thanks to Betty Regala for including me / interviewing me for their show ART REPUBLIK.
My bit starts at 16:35 into the interview.

Art Republik's Episode 9: Skin, Street and Comics is part of the First Season of the show aired on Knowledge Channel, SkyCable 42. For more information on Art Republik, like them on Facebook,

1 comment:

jeff said...

Hi Sir,

I just recently found this blog thru Neil Gaiman's RT (and that you have a Twitter account), I am so 2000 and late.
I admire your Trese series and got hooked on it, if my recollection was correct, I bought the 4th book first and after reading it alone (which was creepy) I searched for the other three books and I became a fan.

Thank you for these wonderful books and more power.
I am waiting for the 5th book.