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Monday, April 05, 2010

Powerbook's Pinoy Author of the Month

I was surprised to get this message from Mark Torres on my Facebook: Hey Budj, congrats on being PowerBook's Filipino Author spotlight! was very pleasantly surprised to enter PB Megamall and see your stand. It's great that the shop's recognizing your great work and contribution to the local fiction industry. It's a pleasure being able to collaborate with you. Keep up the fantastic work...

And so, I clicked on the link and found out I am PowerBook's Filipino Author of the Month! Oh wow! Talk about having a Happy Easter! Thank you PowerBooks!

And remember kids, you can order TRESE via
Just click the links below! Order now!





Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I read Trese the first time when we bought the book in Powerbooks GB3. Me and my nephew loved it. I had to help him with some background info on some of the folklore, though. I love how you brought to the modern Manila all the pinoy supernaturals. One thing about the books that I didn't like is how the pages come off so easily. You might want to pass that on to your publisher. Pero the stories? Love it.

Budjette said...

Hi Ines,

Thank you very much for picking up TRESE and we're very happy that you and your nephew enjoyed our tour of the dark side of Manila.

Very sorry about the bad binding of the books. If you just purchased it in the past week, I think you can still have it exchanged at the branch where you bought it. If you still have the receipt, you can also have it exchanged at the office of our publisher Visprint.

Below is a blog entry I made last January on how to return and exchange you copies with bad binding.

Once again, many thanks!


We’ve been receiving feedback from readers that the copies of TRESE that they bought have faulty binding; that the pages fall off from the spine soon after they read it. This is the first time we’ve started to get such reports. We apologize that this has happened.

Here are two ways you can have your copies replaced:

Return the book to the bookstore where you bought it and have it exchanged for a new one. It would be best that you bring your receipt and that you get it exchanged within a week of purchase.

Go to the Visprint office and exchange your copy with a new one. Please bring your receipt as well. Email Visprint at book_inquiry @ visprint .net for more details.

(Obviously, if you’ve had that copy for several months already and the pages have fallen off because it has been passed around to everyone in your household, you school or office, then we’d have to decline in giving you a new copy.)