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Thursday, December 03, 2009

start them young

I got this text : Hey budj!! I'm in Bohol airport,sitting beside a pink-studded tweener. She's reading Trese instead of Twilight.

And that just made my day.

But I do wonder how Trese's younger readers are liking the book. Most of the people who email and blog about it are already in college or are already working.

Last Christmas, my boss bought TRESE for her nephews and nieces. The day after Christmas, she started getting text messages from her sister, saying, "Why did you give my kids this comic book? It's scary and violent!"

Couple of months ago, a similar thing happened. A friend got his kids copies of TRESE and I got a text about how his two boys were now sleeping in the same because they got scared after reading the book. It took that as a compliment.

At the recent comic book conventions, a 12-year old girl approached the table and asked for our autographs. Her mom was standing right behind her. The girl looked nervous. Her mom was smiling. I wasn't sure if I should've warned her about the contents of the book. I thought, "Hey! She bought it with parental consent, so it should be okay!"

So, far I have not received any complaints from parents about their kids running around pretending to be Trese and the Kambal; no complaints of kids trying to poke the eyeballs out of their friends in an attempt to cast a scrying spell.

Anyway, just wanted to remind you that, with Christmas closing in, I'd still highly recommend that you give your inaanak a complete set of TRESE, now available in your local bookstore and comic book shop.


Wonder Hobbit said...

when i was still at family would have burned this if they saw me reading glad my family is more lenient with the new generation of malijans because to tell you the truth....the foreign graphic novels that these kids read ARE WAAAY more violent than Trese...

Am buying bulks for my friends and family in the US

Anonymous said...
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Boja Boy said...

Bago pa lang ako sa Trese..pinag-isipan ko muna kung yung 12 ba ni Manix o itong malaSin City na Comics...SHET Good Choice pala ako haha TRESE ROCKS!!!

More Power!

kaJO said...

maraming salamat po!

astig rin yung 12 ni manix, ser! sulit yun pag-ipunan. :-)

Anna Gustafsson Chen said...

If they can play Resident Evil on their Play Station, they should be able to cope with Trese.

vampire_mccoy said...

i just finished trese at work today. haha. sulit kahit natambakan ako nan trabaho after. This will definitely be a great christmas gift for everyone I know. thanks!

aiar said...

a schoolmate brought his complete set of Trese in school today (5th jan 2010) and someone started reading it and she was swallowed by the Trese's universe, and i got curious...and i myself was hooked!!! OMG!!! i didn't know this kind of comic book existed here in the Philippines. but then, cebu is far from manila. grabeh, i am so amazed. i will get my own copy. u guys ROCK!!! \m/