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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fans of the Kambal

Melvin posted : "[This is] my nephew, Prince. He insisted on having his photo taken wearing one of the Kambal's masks. His fave is Case 7: Embrace of the Unwanted and he's still forcing me to shoot another short horror film cause he wasn't able to play the aswang part on the first one we made last year."

See more of Melvin Arciaga's work at:


Marz said...

Neat mask! I'd love to cosplay that if I had the mask and was tall enough to fit the description.

Bathala said...

I have a question? The comics mentioned that the Kambal are Half breeds, as I remembered from what that chief Tikbalang had mentioned. What exactly are they? Sorry for the trouble, new fan here. Nice work. Hope to see more issues. The hanging ending in the story 'The Association Dues of Livewell Village' made me want to see what will happen next.

'A storm is coming and don't expect help from me and my tribe'

Budjette said...


All your questions will be answered in TRESE: BOOK 3.

As to when that will manifest, we do not know :)

Kajo's done with Case #9 to 12 and has already started drawing #13.

We hope to give you news about it in a couple of months.