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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pacquiao meets Trese

Thanks to GenSan-based writer Gilbert Tan, Manny Pacquaio now has a copy of Trese Book 4. 

Gilbert met up with Manny for a magazine interview and he thought of giving Manny a copy of "Trese:Last Seen After Midnight"

The inspiration for the story of "Manuel the boxer" in FIGHT OF THE YEAR was, of course, inspired by the many wins and championship belts of Manny Pacquiao.

Whenever I'd hear the news report about the country having "zero crime rate" and rebels calling for a ceasefire during a Pacquiao fight, it made me wonder if the Philippines would have lasting peace if Pacquiao just fought everyday. Or maybe, just like in the olden days, the NPA or the MILF can send out their best solider to fight Pacquiao. If Manny defeats them, their entire army would have to surrender. It was crazy thought that slowly became the story. We've received many a lot of good feedback about FIGHT OF THE YEAR. We hope Manny liked it as well.

Read the entire story at FIGHT OF THE YEAR

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